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The Earthtone Capsule Wardrobe

The Earthtone Capsule Wardrobe

Looking to update your wardrobe?

The Earthtone Capsule is a super-versatile wardrobe package that can do just about everything (from business to casual) and is based on two of our favorite colors: brown and green. Even simple, easy outfits are instantly elevated with these beautiful colors and timeless textures.

As with all of our capsules, these items are designed to be mixed-and-matched together, to give you lots of different outfits for different occasions.

First we'll take a look at the 12 items.

Then I'll show you how you can get 30+ different outfits - for different oiccasions - by combining only these 12 pieces.

12 Items

1. The Fall River Coat

The Fall River coat is a heavy-duty overcoat made from a thick and sturdy English wool in a beautiful earthtone glenplaid. This coat is designed to be dressed-up (over tailoring), dressed-down (over casual wear), or anywhere in between.

2. Charles Jacket

The Charles jacket is a classic houndstooth jacket made from a beautiful wool and cashmere fabric in tones of khaki, brown and forest green. It's designed to be a go-to Fall jacket that will open up your wardrobe from business to casual.

3. Everyday Oxford Shirt in Khaki

The Everyday Oxford shirt is our version of the iconic "OCBD" (oxford cloth button-down), a cult favorite in American menswear. Cut a little shorter and designed to be worn tucked or untucked, you simply won't find a shirt that is more versatile or harder-working.

4. Rucker Jacket in Forest

The Rucker jacket is a classic go-to jacket made from a 4-season worsted wool with stretch. It's comfortbale (lightweight, very easy to move around in) and super versatile - perfect for building a capsule wardrobe. Pair it with the matching pant and vest to have the option to wear it as a suit.

5. Rucker Pant in Forest

The Rucker pant is a classic go-to pant made from a 4-season worsted wool with stretch. These are comfortable (lightweight, very easy to move around in) and super versatile. Perfect for building a capsule wardrobe. Pair them with the matching jacket and vest to have the option to wear them as a suit.

6. Rucker Vest in Forest

The Rucker vest is a classic go-to vest made from a 4-season worsted wool with stretch. It's comfortbale (lightweight, very easy to move around in) and super versatile - perfect for building a capsule wardrobe. Pair it with the matching jacket and pant to have the option to wear it as a suit.

7. Woody Shirt

The Woody shirt is a classic 4-season shirt made from a pure cotton fabric in a timeless pencil stripe pattern. The tight, subtle stripe makes it effortless to pair with a wide range of colors, patterns and fabrics.

8. Richard Polo in Oatmeal

The Richard is classic, stylish and comfortable long-sleeve polo shirt. We took a retro polo shape, updated the fit and modernized it in luxury Egyptian cotton that's soft, breathable and perfect for everyday style.

9. Chico Pant in Stone

The Chico pant is a casual everyday pant made from a stretch cotton fabric that is built for versatility, durability, and everyday style.

10. Crawford Cardigan in Camel

The Crawford is a chunky cardigan sweater in a beefy 2x2 ribbed merino wool that is warm, elegant and delightfully cozy. It's slightly oversized, making it perfect for wearing on its own or layered under a coat or jacket. With both function and style, it will be hard to find a sweater that can do more than this.

11. Ultimate Cashmere Scarf in Vicuna

There is nothing like a pure cashmere scarf - especially when it's made from a premium 2-ply Italian cashmere and finely knit by experts like our Brooklyn knitting factory. This scarf is cloud-like soft, super stylish and warm and cozy without being overly bulky.

You can wear it with everything in your wardrobe from suits to sweats, and you will look forward to grabbing it on your way out the door. Some things are simply a joy to wear - and this is at the top of the list. The ultimate cashmere scarf also makes a beautiful gift.

12. Mini Paisley Tie in Rust

A pure silk tie in rust with a mini paisely pattern. Wear it with browns, khaki, greens and pale greys.

30+ Outfits

1. Simple business casual

Sometimes all you need is a great shirt and trouser. Consider this an easy "base" - to layer it up you can add either jacket, the coat, the cardigan, etc.

2. A little more professional

Add the tie to make it a little more professional.

3. Warm weather tailoring

If it's too warm for a full suit, go with just the vest and trouser - one of my favorite tailored looks for the Spring and Summer.

4. The full monty

When the occasion calls for it - a special event, business meeting, wedding, etc - bust out the full three-piece.

5. Winter version

For colder days, through the coat over it.

6. Seperate it

Switch the suit jacket for the Charles sportcoat to make the look a little more business casual.

7. Cozy layer

The cardigan - in the place of a jacket - makes for an easy, comfortbale look that is perfect for the office, a date, or a stylish weekend.

8. Layer it up

Again the coat can go over every combo.

9. Untucked & easy

Our RTW shirts are designed to be tucked-in or worn untucked. Keeping it untucked makes the look easy, casual and laidback.

10. Suit no tie

The suit with an open collar is a smooth look that is perfect for the office, a restaurant or an evening out.

11. Jacket swap

To make it more casual, swap the Rucker jacket for the Charles. The texture, pattern and overall softness make the look more leisurely.

12. Makeshift three-piece

Using the cardigan in the place of the Ruckervest is a smooth way to make the suit more stylish and casual.

13. Mr Rogers chic

The cardigan with the shirt and tie is "business casual" at its finest.

14. No brainer

Proof that a dark green suit can do everything that a navy and charcoal one can do.

15. Sport suit

The Charles jacket is soft and causal, but sharply tailored enough for any shirt and tie combo.

16. Easy breeze

The vest and trouser combo will set you apart from the rest. This is why we say always add the vest!

17. All day everyday

Not sure what to wear?  Start with the polo and trouser - a simple combo that is appropriate for a wide range of occasions.

18. Casual suit

Add the jacket over the polo for a casual take on the suit.

19. Leisure tailoring

Date night? Dinner? Drinks? Sportport + polo + trouser. Smart, comfy, easy.

20. Office flow

Layering knits (like a cardigan over a polo) is a secret to a smooth, comfortbale, casual look.

21. Coat & scarf over everything

The coat and scarf are hand-picked to go over every combo - and heavy enough for harsh winter days.

22. Spring/Summer base

The best part of this capsule wardrobe is that it spans all 4 seasons. In the Spring & Summer the polo + chinos will be one of your go-to combos.

23. Transition into Fall

When Fall rolls around, simply add the coat and scarf. The neutral tones allow all of these pieces to be "seasonless".

24. Gradual transition

If it's not cold enough for the coat,  go with the wool & cashmere jacket as a "lightweight outerwear" piece.

25. Suit jacket = sportcoat

All of our suit jackets are softly constructed (no shoulder pads, lighweight chest canvas) which allows you to wear them as sportcoats. This is key to creating a versatile and functional capsule. 

26. Take me anywhere

The Rucker jacket + polo + chinos is a simple combo that you can wear just about anywhere and be stylish and appropriate.

27. Work from home

Trade your "down day" hoodie and sweats for this combo and watch what happens.

28. Layered version

Down day, but cooler out.

29. Underrated combo

The green shirt adds just enough color to make any simple combo stand out.

30. Split it up

4-season business casual.

31. With or without the tie

You can always add the tie - to any combo - to amp it up a bit.

32. Either shirt

Same look, different shirt.

33. Either jacket

Same look, different jacket.


There are even more outfits you could create with just these 12 pieces, but I think you get the idea.

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