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Bespoke Suits for Women

Bespoke Suits for Women

Articles of Style is a bespoke tailoring shop - for everybody and every body.

When it comes to our Signature (bespoke) garments, we don't have a "men's collection" or a "women's collection". 

Any customer - regardless of shape, size or gender - can order any garment from our signature collection. We will draft your pattern and create your try-on garment based on the physical profile you fill out in your AOS account and perform your bespoke fitting while taking into account your personal preferences.

Every client is different and we are proud to serve a wide range of people across the spectrum of gender. Our tailors have decades of experience fitting all body types, and look forward to working with you. 

Here are a few examples:

Angel in Olive Moleskin

Karyn in Coral Performance Hopsack

Megen in Emerald Performance Hopack

Morgane in Cream Wool Silk & Linen

Want to discuss a custom garment, or wardrobe package?

Book a zoom appointment with one of our personal stylists.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier & the AOS team