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How we do Bespoke Online

How we do Bespoke Online

Articles of Style is an online bespoke tailor shop that produces the best menswear made in America.

Every garment is custom made just for you and includes personal bespoke fittings with experience tailors - all from the comfort of home.

STEP 1: create your AOS account.

In your account you will share basic information about your body type, your fit preferences, and anything else you’d like our tailors to know.

Our tailors will carefully analyze your physical profile to draft your original bespoke pattern and make a try-on garment for your initial fitting.

Your fitting garment will arrive 2-3 weeks after your first purchase.

It is only used for your initial fitting, and it's yours to keep - you don’t have to return it. 

The fitting process is very easy.

All you need to do is take 4 pictures wearing your try-on garment; following these instructions.

You can also share any written feedback about fit changes you’d like to make for your final garment(s).

This process really allows us to get to know your personal preferences.

This is where the magic happens.

Our team of experienced tailors will carefully analyze your fitting photos and written feedback and make meticulous adjustments to your original pattern - to create the perfect fit for you.

For example, we diagnose and correct issues such as:

  • erect/stopping postures
  • low/high shoulders
  • collar rolls/gaps
  • lapel bowing
  • sleeve rotations
  • button placements
  • length balances
  • drape and taper
  • etc.

And hundreds more depending on your unique shape and personal preferences.

These are real fitting photos, from real clients.

Every client has a unique body which requires unique adjustments. Our goal is to create the most flattering (and comfortable) fit for you.

This is the secret to a great garment that you will love and wear for a long time.

Once we've fully updated your original pattern with all of the adjustments diagnosed during your try-on fitting, we begin the craftsmanship of your final garment.

All garments are full-canvas and handmade in America to the highest possible quality.

Your final garment will arrive 6-8 weeks after your try-on fitting.

It will arrive fully adjusted for you and should fit like a glove right out of the box. If it needs any final adjustments, we cover those as well.

Once we've completed your first garment, we save your finalized fit and you can order bespoke garments in one click.

From here, we build your dream wardrobe.

We specialize in helping our clients mix-and-match fabrics to build versatile, sustainable wardrobes that will maximize their personal style.


GET STARTED: create your AOS account.

Looking forward to your fitting!

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Founder & CEO