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Spring Color Palettes feat. Khaled Nasr

Spring Color Palettes feat. Khaled Nasr

After absolutely killing it in his first feature "Italian Power Tailoring feat. Khaled Nasr" (some call it the best Articles of Style profile of all time), we had to bring this handsome gentleman back. This time he gives us some Spring color palette inspiration from his incredible wardrobe of handmade Italian garments.

"I was raised in Los Angeles along with my twin brother and older brother. I own a semiconductor company with my twin brother in which we create robotics and automation for microchip companies. This job has allowed me to travel the world and see so many beautiful places and be inspired by so many people. In addition to that, I also have business importing luxury perfumes, which is a huge passion of mine. I am looking to expand that business to importing a variety of under-exposed luxury menswear as well.

I'm 35 years old and married to my beautiful wife Maya, who I met 15 years ago at the age of 20! We've been married 9 years this June with an amazing 2-year-old named Zain and a new boy due in August! After that, I am done (lol).

As mentioned in my last feature, my style is what I call 'Composed Flair'. Basically, I like to think of my style as classically influenced but with a little bit of added edge with wide lapels, aggressive cuts and bold colors. I am a big fan of the style of the 1920's as well as the style of the 1970's, so I try to subtly mix and modernize the two... Although I don't rock bell bottoms, you have to love the eccentric and expressive style of that decade (1970s). It was a fun time for fashion and I hope we see more of that."

Scroll on for some serious style inspiration from a guy who really gets it, and really lives it.

1. Got the Blues & Greens

"Double-breasted jackets have a bad reputation because they conjure up images of extreme formality and old-school boxy fit. Personally, a DB jacket is my favorite style as the silhouette cut today is far different than the oversized padded jackets our fathers wore. I also have no problem forgoing the tie and keeping it casual... The key to pulling-it-off is to have the jacket really well tailored [Khaled is known for cutting it "to the bone"]

In my last feature, I mentioned how blue and green are my favorite colors. Last time around I used darker shades as it was Fall/Winter. With Spring here now, colors get a little brighter and a little bolder... The royal jacket and the green linen shirt are a great complement to each other and the light green loafers round out the whole look, in my opinion."

"I really love living in Los Angeles. It's such a vibrant city with so many cultures and communities that I am inspired daily. Not many people wear suits here because of the laidback nature of the city, but that doesn't stop inspiring me. I take bits and pieces from what I see people wearing [all over the world] and try to incorporate that into my looks, so my style is always changing and updating, very subtly.

I am extremely fascinated to see the style evolution of Dan and Alex coming from New York City and now living in Los Angeles. I've never seen such a stark representation of how the culture of a place can adapt the style you wear, and how different the coasts can be at times. To me, it is an amazing transformation and an inspirational one."

How about that for a color palette?! Royal blue jacket, white/green shirt, faint baby blue trousers, and lime green loafers!

That's some next level stuff.

2. A World of Influence

"This look I call the "Sorbetto Mandarino Deux! 

I have always loved reading Articles of Style because the whole point of the site is to inspire people. One look always stood out to me as part of my favorite guest feature of all time, and that was Angle Ramos' "Sorbetto Mandarino". The jacket color and pairing was perfectly on point - and how could we forget those trousers with the working cuffs.

This jacket color is perfect for Spring and here I paired it with one of my must-have items for the season; the popover shirt. Wearing it like this allows me to keep the overall look crisp and clean but a little less formal than a typical button down.  I love it so much I am having Angel Ramos (ANGELBESPOKE) make me a few more before Pitti this year, because it's a must in that heat and humidity!"

"My style really started developing during my sophomore year of high school. Of course, I didn't dress the way I do now with all the tailored-wear, but I started to pay attention to what I wore and what that said about me. After college, I started my business and began traveling all over the world...I had never been exposed to so many different cultures, opinions and styles.

It was my visits to Europe, Japan, and South Korea that turned me on to tailoring and ultimately shaped the way I dress today. Japan and South Korea in particular have such an appreciation for bespoke garments...eventually I had to have at least one thing made on all my visits... Those two countries definitely have contributed the most to my style."

3. Separates & Sneakers

"This is one of my favorite jackets because of the hand feel of the linen and the way it drapes. Not only does it breathe really well in the LA heat, but it was also a limited edition fabric so I knew it was a great piece to own. The colors aren't loud or in-your-face because of their faded quality on the linen...making this jacket a perfect match for crisp off-white trousers. 

I wore it with a white Angel Bespoke strong collar shirt to let the tie pop, and finished the look with minimal white sneakers to keep the focus on the jacket."

"In my opinion, style is important because it can give people a sense of individuality, as well a sense of community. Whether your type is sartorial, hip-hop, or even Rick Owens, style allows you to connect to like-minded individuals and share in thoughts, ideas, and similar passions.

As Articles of Style proves regularly, it can also spark debate...which is what this passion is all about. Not everyone will always agree with your style, but those that really get it will also really get you."

Any advice for our readers who are looking to upgrade their style?

"My advice to those who are looking to upgrade their personal style is to connect with someone who has style that resonates with you, or inspires you, and use their look as a launching pad to create your own. I'm not the first person to dress this way - I was inspired by certain people I respect and I made it work for me with my own touches.

It's also important to take your time when upgrading your wardrobe. It's not a race to get as many pieces as possible in as little time as possible - some of the pieces I featured here are several years old... Build your wardrobe slowly and collect quality pieces that can stand the test of time."

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,


Photography by Alex Crawford