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The Capsule Wardrobe Series, Episode 7: Eddie Hom

The Capsule Wardrobe Series, Episode 7: Eddie Hom

The Hom Capsule is an example of a custom capsule wardrobe we designed for our client Eddie Hom.

Eddie was a bit of a challenge - but he's  a GREAT guy, with an absolutely infectious smile :)


When I first met with Eddie on Zoom (you can book a free zoom appointment with me here) he told me that he's a power lifter with a muscular physique - so, naturally, he has a very difficult time finding a good fit - especially with trousers. 

Like most people who squat big weight, he has a strong seat and thighs that is simply built different (than the typical "off-the-rack" pants). He struggles with issues like pocket flare, crotch blow-outs and general discomfort/lack of mobility.  

During the day he’s a pharmacist by trade living in NYC. He likes to look sharp and professional for work but he also has an active nightlife and often goes straight from work to a dinner and/or night out.

So for Eddie's capsule we focused on 1) nailing the fit for his unique body shape 2) choosing classic fabrics that are updated for stretch, mobility and durability and 3) designing items that can go directly from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Below are the 14 items in Eddie's capsule, along with some of the many, many different outfits he can create by mixing-and-matching these 14 items in any combination.


1. Malibu Stretch Hopsack Jacket in Light Grey

The Malibu Stretch Hopsack Jacket is an unstructured double-breasted jacket made from one of our classic fabrics - stretch hopsack. This one is lightweight, breathable, and made for full mobility. The color is versatile, and paired with the double breasted design, it adds a heavy dose of style whether you're wearing it casually (with chinos or jeans) or pairing it with the matching trousers for a killer suit. 

2. Malibu Stretch Hopsack Trouser in Light Grey

The Malibu Stretch Hopsack Trouser is made from one of our classic fabrics - stretch hopsack. This one is lightweight, breathable, and made for full mobility. Let this become your new go-to trouser for everyday use. A wardrobe staple, you can wear these in any season and pair them with everything from shirts, jackets, and ties - to sweaters, polos, and t-shirts. Swap your jeans for a hopsack trouser and watch the ripple effect of elevated style and comfort!

3. Tropical Traveler Jacket in Navy Glenplaid

Our Tropical Traveler Jacket is, as its name implies, built to withstand travel. It's a tropical wool with a small blend of Elastane and excellent recovery properties. If you're looking for a 4-season garment that packs well - it doesn't get better than this! Wear it as a statement piece or pair it with the matching trouser for a full suit.

4. Tropical Traveler Trouser in Navy Glenplaid

Our Tropical Traveler Trouser is, as its name implies, built to withstand travel. It's a tropical wool with a small blend of Elastane and excellent recovery properties. If you're looking for a 4-season garment that packs well - it doesn't get better than this! Wear it as a statement piece or pair it with the matching jacket for a full suit.

5. Eddie Knit Jacket in Plum Birdseye

The Eddie Knit Jacket is a unique knit fabric that is woven as a textured birdseye and built for comfort, mobility, and casual style. This beautiful two-tone knit is comprised of light and dark specs of purple - giving it a unique color and texture that is still very versatile.

6. 4-Season Raincoat in Slate

The 4-Season Raincoat is a lightweight, fully waterproof raincoat. It’s perfect for Spring showers. Wear this under dress shirts or sweaters, or even full suits. Consider it your new to-go coat.

7. Pusher Performance Shacket in Midnight

The Pusher Performance Shacket is our famous shacket (a cross between a shirt and a jacket) made from a classic navy cotton fabric. It's blended with Elastane for comfort, mobility, and casual style. Wear it with the matching drawstring trouser for a casual take on a suit, or wear it alone to kick up your style.

8. Pusher Performance Drawstring Trouser in Midnight

The Pusher Performance Drawstring Trouser is a casual lightweight pant cut from our cotton performance fabric. They feel like sweatpants but look like trousers. Wear these all Spring & Summer long; to the office, to work-from-home, on the golf course, on a date, for a walk...or for any casual day-to-day activities. Pair them with the matching shacket for an upgraded and elegant "casually tailored" look.

9. Block Stripe Shirt in Grey

The Block Stripe shirt is a classic 4-season shirt made from a pure cotton fabric in light-shade wide stripes. Wear it formally with a suit and tie or casually with trousers, shackets and sweaters.

10. Bengal Stripe Shirt in Teal

The Bengal Stripe Shirt is a classic 4-season cotton shirt with a timeless bengal stripe pattern. You can dress it up with suits, jackets and ties or wear it casually with jeans, chinos, linen pants and even shorts.

11. Glenplaid Stretch Shirt in French Blue

The Glenplaid Stretch shirt is a modern take on a classic shirt - made with a stretch cotton fabric (92% cotton, 8% elastane) built for comfort, mobility, and versatility. It is especially good for tailored evening-wear looks; think cocktails, parties, semi formal events, dates, nights out, etc.

12. Totman Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater in Mid Grey

The Totman is our version of a classic v-neck sweater, updated with a slightly deeper neckline and made from our famous super-soft fine merino wool. It's smooth enough to wear directly on the skin, or can be layered over a t-shirt or button-down. The V-neck sweater has been a staple in menswear for decades, and for good reason.

13. Eddie Fine Merino Crewneck in Navy

The Eddie Fine Merino Crewneck is a lightweight (4-season) crewneck sweater made from our famous fine merino wool. It's the ultimate layering piece; wear it on its own (on the skin or over a shirt) or layer it under any jacket, coat, or shacket. Neutral layering pieces like this one are what tie a wardrobe together and give you lots of styling options for all your garments.

14. Johnny Fine Merino Polo in Amber

The Johnny is a timeless long-sleeve polo shirt updated with the perfect fit and made from a super-finItalian merino wool that is famous for its soft hand and supreme comfort. 


Using only these 14 items, here are some of the outfits Eddie can create...

Everything works together in any combination (he can't make any mistakes) and he can easily (and quickly) create outfits for any occasion - from business to pleasure.

This allows him to get the most out of each item and keep a cohesive, streamlined closet.

1. Serious Business

Looking professional, smart,'s not as simple as putting on a navy suit and white shirt like everybody else. When you can combine colors, patterns and textures in a tasteful and nuanced way - this shows another level of attention to detail, which your clients will notice.

2. Any Season, Any Weather

The 4-season raincoat is a game-changer because it can be worn over suits (and sportcoats) or worn casually (with t-shirts and jeans).

A good raincoat is an easy way to elevate a simple outfit and stand-out from the crowd on a cloudy day, or between seasons.

3. Day to Night

The shacket is a wardrobe "cheat code" because it can be smart and professional while also being casual and laidback at the same time.

This makes it the perfect garment to go from day to night.

4. Office to Cocktails

This look is smart, sophisticated and a bit sexy...but it's all comfort. Knit jacket, knit trouser, knit polo...feels like sweats but absolutely does not look like sweats.

5. DB Hopsack - Another Level

A double breasted jacket - and a hopasack fabric - are two things that can take a "classic suit" to a new level of style, without sacrificing any versatility or longevity.

6. Business Casual

The hopsack trousers are great as "suit bottoms" - but maybe even etter as separate trousers to pair with other jackets, knits, layers, etc.

There's no trouser more versatile.

7. Easy Does It

A look you can wear anywhere - a casual day at the office, client meetings, date nights, the bar, the game, etc.

8. Casual Suit

How to pull off the suit + sneakers? 

1) The right suit (unstructured, textured, properly fit 2) the right casual knit (fitted with a quality fabric and clean neckline) and 3) the right sneakers (subtle with a low profile).

9. The Weekender

Y'already know I love a "casual set" - because you can wear it anywhere and be the most comfortbale and stylish guy in the room. 

10. Perfect Pairings

When 2 suits are a "perfect pairing" (complimentary colors and textures) you can split them up together and get lots of outfit combinations.

Even more if you add the vest.

11. Suit Jacket = Sportcoat

The major advantage of an unstructured jacket (no shoulder pads, lightweight chest canvas) is that it doubles as a sportcoat. 

Even if it's double-breasted.

As always, fit is critical.


There are lots more outfit combinations you could create using only these 14 items, but I think you get the idea.

For more information, including pricing and sizing options, click here:

The Hom Capsule

The Custom Capsule Experience

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Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier