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Hom Capsule

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

The Hom Capsule is an example of a custom capsule wardrobe we designed for our client Eddie Hom (see his full article here).

Eddie was a bit of a challenge - but a GREAT guy. When I first met with him on Zoom (you can book a free zoom appointment with me here) Eddie told me that he's a power lifter with a muscular physique - so, naturally, he has a very difficult time finding a good fit - especially with trousers. Like most people who squat big weight, he has a strong seat and thighs that is simply built different (than the typical "off-the-rack" pants). He struggles with issues like pocket flare, crotch blow-outs and general discomfort/lack of mobility.  

During the day he’s a pharmacist by trade living in NYC. He likes to look sharp and professional for work but he also has an active nightlife and often goes straight from work to a dinner and/or night out.

So for Eddie's capsule we focused on 1) nailing the fit for his unique body shape 2) choosing classic fabrics that are updated for stretch, mobility and durability and 3) designing items that can go directly from a day at the office to a night out on the town.

Below are the 14 items in Eddie's capsule. See the photo gallery for some of the many, many different outfits he can create by mixing-and-matching these 14 items in any combination.

The 14 Items

  • Malibu Stretch Hopsack Jacket in Light Grey
  • Malibu Stretch Hopsack Trouser in Light Grey
  • Tropical Traveler Jacket in Navy Glenplaid
  • Tropical Traveler Trouser in Navy Glenplaid
  • Eddie Knit Jacket in Plum Birdseye
  • 4-Season Raincoat in Slate
  • Pusher Performance Shacket in Midnight
  • Pusher Performance Drawstring Trouser in Midnight
  • Block Stripe Shirt in Gray
  • Bengal Stripe Shirt in Teal
  • Glenplaid Stretch Shirt in French Blue
  • Totman Fine Merino V-Neck Sweater in Mid Grey
  • Eddie Fine Merino Crewneck in Navy
  • Johnny Fine Merino Polo in Amber

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For a deeper diver into this capsule, see the full article on our blog.

"My new wardrobe package is a game changer! I wear every single item regularly and I've never dressed better or felt better!" -James, Arizona

"I never had style, but my new wardrobe package makes it so easy and now I get compliments every day!" -Ryan, Vancouver

"Dan helped me plan my whole wardrobe and absolutely nailed the fit. This level of customer service is unmatched!" -Ariel, Los Angeles

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You can substitute any of the items in this capsule with any other items available in our online shop, including: bespoke, ready-to-wear and/or accessories

Our guide “how to build a capsule wardrobe” can help you put it all together. 

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