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Signature Slub Silk Jacket

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

Our Slub Silk fabric, created by Ariston in Naples, is a raw, slubby, heavily textured blend of silk (77%) and cotton (23%). This is one of the best lightweight textures we've seen in years - a perfect use of silk anchored with cotton for just the right amount of durability and performance. 


Mill: Ariston

Origin: Naples
Composition: Silk (77%), Cotton (23%)
Weight: 290g



"The AOS fitting experience is amazing! Dan & his team are real experts; the service, fit and quality they provide can’t be compared." -Jeff, Connecticut

"WOW! The suit fits like a GLOVE! I'm blown away. I’ve never had an experience like this. Thank you!" -Sam, Toronto

"Dan helped me plan my whole wardrobe and they absolutely nailed the fit. This level of customer service is unmatched!" -Ariel, Los Angeles

More Info

  • Bespoke Fit (includes the AOS fitting experience)
  • Fabric made in Italy
  • Silk (77%), Cotton (23%)
  • 290g
  • Full canvas
  • Soft natural shoulders
  • Genuine horn buttons
  • Premium finishes throughout


Delivery time: First-time customers: 9-12 weeks (3-4 weeks for your fitting garment, then 6-8 weeks for your final garment). Repeat customers: 6-8 weeks (since your fitting is already complete).

Shipping: Free shipping in USA. International shipping rates calculated at checkout.


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