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Downtown Brown Capsule

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

The Downtown Brown capsule is a super tasteful wardrobe package that spans from business to casual - and everywhere in between. If you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe (and want to go beyond the "same ol" blues and grays) this collection of neutral earthtones will amp-up your style and give you lots of outfit options for any occasion.

As with all of our capsules, these items are designed to be mixed-and-matched together to give you lots of different outfits for different occasions. 

The Items

This capsule includes one of each of the following items:

  • Metropolitan Coat
  • Cambridge Hooded Bomber
  • Bread & Butter Jacket
  • Bread & Butter Pant
  • Totman V-Neck in Walnut
  • Muskoka Jacket in Forest
  • Enzo Shirt
  • Myles Polo
  • Chico Pant
  • Silk Foulard Tie in Gold


View all of the items here 

The Outfits

See the image gallery for some of the looks you can create with this capsule. Everything works together - so you can't make any mistakes! 

Sizing & Ordering

You can purchase the entire capsule together on this page (we will email you to confirm your sizes for each garment). Or you can add the individual items to your bag and use the discount codes below to checkout. 

Substitutions & Add Ons

You can substitute any of the items in this capsule, or add more items to make it a more complete wardrobe. See the “Recommended With” section below for additional items to extend this capsule.

To edit the items in the capsule (or build your own capsule) simply add items to your bag and use the appropriate discount code below:

  • Any 3 items = 10% off (use code "3ITEMS" at checkout)
  • Any 5 items = 15% off (use code "5ITEMS" at checkout)
  • Any 10 items = 20% off (use code "10ITEMS" at checkout)


You can combine any items in our online shop - including Ready-to-Wear, Bespoke and accessories

Take it to the next level 

Want to take it to the next level? Book a zoom appointment for a custom capsule wardrobe designed by our founder and creative director Dan Trepanier. He will work with you one-on-one to design the perfect capsule wardrobe for you and your lifestyle. Book an appointment.

"My new wardrobe package is a game changer! I wear every single item regularly and I've never dressed better or felt better!" -James, Arizona

"I never had style, but my new wardrobe package makes it so easy and now I get compliments every day!" -Ryan, Vancouver

"Dan helped me plan my whole wardrobe and absolutely nailed the fit. This level of customer service is unmatched!" -Ariel, Los Angeles

More Info

Delivery Time: These items are made-to-order and have an average delivery time of 3-6 weeks from the date of purchase. See the individual product pages for more details.

Shipping: Free shipping in USA. International shipping rates are calculated at checkout. Items may by sent in separate shipments.

Return Policy: If you’re not satisfied with any of the items in this capsule you can return or exchange them. More info about return policies.

Upgrade to Signature collection: Some of these items can be upgraded to our Signature collection which includes design customizations and bespoke fittings. For pricing info and a link to order contact us.

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