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Signature Perforated Dinner Jacket

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

The essential dinner jacket is a statement-making formal garment that is festive, stylish and chic. Cut from a luxurious blend of wool and viscose - this jacket is smooth to the touch and shimmers every so beautifully in evening light. If you're looking for a stylish jacket that can be used for black tie, Holiday parties and epic evenings out - this is an excellent choice. Whenever you need to add a little style punch to "black tie", pull this one out and let the compliments - and refreshments - flow.

More Info

  • Bespoke Fit (includes the AOS fitting experience)
  • Fabric made in Italy
  • 60% Wool, 40% Viscose
  • 9oz/255gm
  • Full canvas
  • Soft natural shoulders
  • Genuine horn buttons
  • Premium finishes throughout

    Delivery time: First-time customers: 9-12 weeks (3-4 weeks for your fitting garment, then 6-8 weeks for your final garment). Repeat customers: 6-8 weeks (since your fitting is already complete).

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