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Top 5 Best Suits for Spring

Top 5 Best Suits for Spring

Here are my top 5 best suits for Spring 2023 - along with my favorite colors of each.

These are also the most popular suits that we're making for customers right now. 

Remember, our Signature suits are handmade and delivery time (for new customers) is 2-3 the time to order for Spring is now! 

1. Performance Hopsack

Our all-time best seller - the Signature Performance Hopsack Suit - continues to hit again and again. 

Fav colors:

  • Rust (recently sold out!)
  • Brown
  • Forest 
  • Light Navy

2. Fresco

The Signature Fresco Suit is an absolute staple for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. It's arguably the lightest and most breathable suiting fabric avaiable. 

Fav colors:

  • Light navy
  • Mid gray
  • Cream
  • Monochrome Prince of Wales
  • Cigar

3. Irish Linen

The Signature Irish Linen Suit - modeled by my beautiful wife here - is a full-bodied linen with a strong drape that's built to last. 

Fav colors:

  • Ivory
  • Sand
  • Black
  • Navy

4. Stretch Seersucker

The Signature Stretch Seersucker Suit is one of the most casual and coolest suits in the game - in more ways than one. 

Fav colors:

  • Forest
  • Khaki
  • Charcoal
  • Light Navy

5. Dormeuil Naturals

The Dormeuil Naturals collection is simply amazing. 

I had to divide this one up between the Signature Dormeuil Wool & Linen Suit (fav colors: charcoal, navy, tan) and the Signature Dormeuil Wool, Cotton & Linen Suit (fav colors: rust, chocolate). 

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier