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Fitting a MONSTER

Fitting a MONSTER

Jordan Shallow - aka the Muscle Doc - is a bobybuilder, fitness coach, and an absolute MONSTER in the gym.

He's 5'11" 260 lbs of pure muscle.

He's also one of my favorite clients because he always provides a nice challenge for our tailors and our digital fitting process.

Below is his try-on garment for his first order from our new factory.

Keep in mind, his custom try-on garment was built based on his body measurements (with some clients we request body measurements, when they are "off the charts"). 

Therefore, the try-on is what a typical "made to measure" suit would look like on him:

This is a great example of why a try-on garment is so necessary. 

There are things you simply can't "measure". 

Look at those lats for example!! Dude has full-bodied Christmas hams under each arm. It's virtually impossible to measure something like that.

The other important thing about the try-on (for all clients) is understanding their unique personal preference and personal style. 

For body builders, for example, there's often two different preferences. Some guys want a very slim fit to show off the body they've worked so hard for. Other guys are so sick and tired of feeling tight and restricted in their clothing that they want more room and range of motion.

The try-on bridges the digital/physical gap, and allows us to

1) review the look on the body and

2) review the feel on the body.

Both are equally important when making a garments they will love and wear for a long time.

Here is a simplified overview of some of the adjustments we made to his fit, for his final garment(s):

Thanks, as always, for reading - and special thanks to Jordan for allowing us to share this. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepaner