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Private Equity Capsule

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

This is an example of a custom capsule wardrobe we created for a gentleman who works in Private Equity in New Jersey.

This gentleman has high net-worth clients so he needs to look professional and trustworthy, but he doesn't want to look like a "typical banker". It's not uncommon for him to meet with his clients over dinner, drinks and nights out. So he needs a wardrobe that can transition from business to leisure - while always looking smart and sophisticated.

He's also an avid cyclist, so he always has problems fitting pants (too tight in the seat and thighs) as well as jackets (too boxy in the midsection). So we knew our bespoke fitting process would make a huge impact for him.

Before working with us his wardrobe was basically split into two parts: 1) casual athleiure (think Nike hoodies and Lululemon pants) and 2) "generic business clothes" (think structured suits in navy and gray). His wardrobe was not fluid or versatile and his look was generic and uninspired. 

We helped him create a wardrobe that is smart and sophisticated and can easily transition from the office to an evening out. And, of course, we made sure the fit of every garment was perfect to accentuate his unique shape. 

The Items

This capsules includes one of each of the following 13 items:

  • Signature classic houndstooth jacket
  • Signature flannel suit in cherrywood
  • Signature camel hair coat
  • Cashmere hoodie in ivory
  • Signature chambray shirt in light wash
  • Signature American oxford shirt in blue stripe
  • Signature corduroy trouser in khaki
  • Signature herringbone tweed trouser in gray
  • Myles cashmere polo in vicuna
  • Hamilton elevated sweatshirt in gray
  • Everyday merino scarf in walnut
  • Brooklyn merino beanie in gray
  • Block stripe wool/silk tie


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"After working with Dan I've never been more confident...everybody from my wife to business partners have take notice :)" -David, NY

"I actually enjoy getting dressed in the morning now! The package you put together for me takes all the stress and anxiety out of it." -James, TN

"Dan recommended colors and fabrics that I never would have chosen on my own...and now my whole office wants my style advice! LOL." -John, CT

Bespoke Fit: How It Works

All "Signature" and "Bespoke Fit" items include our exclusive full-service fitting experience:

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You can substitute any of the items in this capsule with any other items available in our online shop, including: bespoke, ready-to-wear and/or accessories

Our guide “how to build a capsule wardrobe” can help you put it all together. 

Once you add the items to your bag, the capsule discount shown below will be automatically applied to your order:

  • Any 3 items = 10% off

  • Any 5 items = 15% off

  • Any 10 items = 20% off


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