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Deep Dive: The All-American Capsule Wardrobe

Deep Dive: The All-American Capsule Wardrobe

The All-American capsule is a combination of classic menswear garments that form the basis of the “American” style. It combines elements of timeless sportswear with the world-famous “Ivy” aesthetic.

This capsule includes 12 classic menswear garments that are designed to be mixed-and-matched (in any combination) to effortlessly create many different outfits.

Using only these 12 garments, you can create more than 20 different looks. There are outfits for the office, business meetings, conferences, client presentations, drinks with colleagues, date nights, brunch, special events, going out with the boys, visiting friends, chilling on the weekend, and just about any other occasion. 

Here's a full breakdown:


1. The Park Avenue Coat

The Park Avenue Coat is a stylish everyday coat that can be dressed-up (over suits and jackets) or dressed-down (over casual wear). It's made from a heavy-duty pure wool fabric and designed to be your go-to coat for functional, everyday style.

2. The Rucker Jacket

The Rucker jacket is a classic go-to jacket made from a 4-season worsted wool with stretch. It's comfortbale (lightweight, very easy to move around in) and super versatile - perfect for building a capsule wardrobe. Pair it with the matching pant and vest to have the option to wear it as a suit.

3. The Rucker Pant

The Rucker pant is a classic go-to pant made from a 4-season worsted wool with stretch. These are comfortable (lightweight, very easy to move around in) and super versatile. Perfect for building a capsule wardrobe. Pair them with the matching jacket and vest to have the option to wear them as a suit.

4. The Kings Shacket in Navy

The Kings shacket is a casual, easy, everyday layering piece made from a rugged corduroy fabric (the "cloth of kings") that is world-famous for breaking-in beautifully over time. Pair it with the matching pant for a stylish and sartotial set.

5. The Kings Pant in Navy

The Kings pant is a casual, easy, everyday pant made from a rugged corduroy fabric (the "cloth of kings") that is world-famous for breaking-in beautifully over time. Pair it with the matching shacket for a stylish and sartotial set.

6. The Park Avenue Puffer

The Park Avenue puffer is our classic puffer vest made from a pure wool outerwear fabric that is soft, warm and built for versatility. Wear it as a light jacket, a layer to beef up your coat, or keep it in the office for that AC chill.

7. The Sarasota Jacket in Navy

The Sarosata jacket is an updated version of our famous "Silk Tweed Jacket"; a versatile sportcoat with all the texture and charm of tweed but lighweight and breathable enough for gentlemen in warm climates. It has an amazing texture and a subtle herringbone pattern that can be combined with virtually anything.

8. The Chico Pant in Khaki

The Chico pant is a casual everyday pant made from a performance stretch fabric that is built for versatility, durability and everyday style.

9. The Griddy Shirt

The Griddy shirt is a super-versatile 4-season shirt made from a pure cotton fabric with a micro check (or "grid") pattern. The tight subtle pattern makes it very easy to combine this shirt with just about any other color, fabric or pattern.

10. The Johnny Polo

The Johnny is a timeless long-sleeve polo shirt updated with the perfect fit and made from a super-finItalian merino wool that is famous for its soft hand and supreme comfort.

11. The Rep Stripe Tie

A classic silk tie in a retro rep stripe. Wear it with blues, greys, khakis and neutral earthtones.

12. The Cashmere Beanie

A classy, luxurious beanie. Made from 100% Scottish cashmere. 3D knit in Brooklyn New York in one piece, with no seams. This Fall/Winter staple is stylish, comfortable and versatile. Consider this a necessity in your wardrobe when the temperature drops. Wear it with literally everything.


Using only these 12 items, here are some of the outfits you can create...

Everything works together in any combination (you can't make any mistakes) and you can easily (and quickly) create outfits for just about any occasion.

This allows you to get the most out of each item and keep a cohesive, streamlined closet.

1. Simple business casual

Sometimes all you need is a great shirt and trouser. Consider this an easy "base" - that you can layer-up with the jacket, coat, shacket, etc.

2. Business

A classic grey suit is a must-have in the wardrobe and this one can be worn in any season and with just about any shirt and tie combination. 

3. Add the Coat

What I love most about the Park Avenue coat is that it works just as well over a suit and tie as it does over a sweater and jeans. 

4. Sportcoat Split-Up

To go from "business" to "business casual" simply swap the suit jacket for the Sarasota sportcoat.

5. Layer It Up

Pro layering move: the puffer over the sportcoat.

6. Ease Up

To make it more casual and leisurely, swap the sportcoat for the corduroy shacket. 

7. Casual Tailoring

The corduroy "shacket set" is like a super casual, super stylish suit that you can wear anywhere.

8. Perfect Pairings

The smooth silk texture of the Sarasota jacket is a perfect pairing for the heavier, more rugged corduroy trouser.

9. Wool, Silk, Cotton

Naturally you can throw the Park Avenue coat over any of these looks.

10. The Sport of Business

The iconic "finance bro" pairing - done with style and class by elevating the fabrics and fit.

11. Easy, Anywhere

Name one place you can't wear a fine merino polo and a corduroy trouser... Two timeless classics.

12. Add the Shacket

The shacket-set with the merino polo is a combo you can wear just about anywhere -  dates, restaurants, meetings, bars, games, etc

13. All Navy

Adding the coat brings it to another level.

14. The Most Unstructured Sportcoat

Think of the shacket as the most casual - and unstructured - version of a sportcoat. And wear it that way.

15. Classic w/ a Twist

There's nothing more classic than a blue blazer, white shirt and khakis. This is just a cooler, more relaxed and more comfortbale version.

16. Smart Weekend

Casual doesn't have to be sweatpants or gym attire.

17. Outdoors

Pop the puffer under the coat to beef it up - great if you're spending longer periods of time out in the cold. 

18. Smart Separates

A timeless American look.

19. Build from here

The best part is - these pieces are perfect for laying the "foundation" of your long-term wardrobe. It will be easy to add new pieces and build from here. 


There are even more outfits you could create with just these 12 pieces, but I think you get the idea.

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