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1 Piece/5 Ways: The Corduroy Suit

1 Piece/5 Ways: The Corduroy Suit

Every Articles of Style suit is designed so that the components can also be worn as a separate jacket, trouser, and vest.

We created the “1 piece/3 ways” series to give you some ideas on how you can style a timeless suit for different occasions; so you can get the most out of your garments and learn to build a sustainable wardrobe with style.

In this edition we show you 5 ways to wear our legendary Corduory suit.

1. All Business

Styling Tips:

  • Brown suit – brown suits (and socks)
  • The best shirts with brown suits are: cream/off-white, mint green, sky blue, pale pink, pale yellow
  • Always make sure the shirt is lighter than both the suit and tie


2. Leisure Suit

Styling Tips:

  • A denim shirt is a perfect combo for a rugged fabric like this corduroy
  • Leave the vest and keep the shirt collar open for a look that is stylish and appropriate for everything from business casual to a night out
  • Suede (boots) and corduroy is a match made in texture heaven


3. Weekend Tailoring

Styling Tips:

  • As with every AOS suit, the jacket is unstructured (no shoulder pads), which means you can wear it as a sportcoat/blazer with jeans
  • White jeans work with just about everything and always look elegant with earth tones
  • If you’re not sure which colors to pair with something, try a lighter shade of the same color (as with this oatmeal crewneck sweater under chestnut jacket)


4. Business Casual

Styling Tips:

  • The vest is the most overlooked piece of the “three piece suit”, but it can also be the most stylish. Pair it with an open shirt and a complimentary pair of trousers
  • The advantages of the vest; keeps your shirt (and gut) tucked in. It’s like a male corset, complete with adjustable cinch in the back
  • Did I mention brown and green? Also, corduroy and tweed!


5. Sweater Weather

Styling Tips:

  • It’s corduroy, so of course the trousers can be worn with just about anything. Consider these your new go-to pants to replace your jeans
  • A cardigan is a nice touch with a shirt and tie (never wear a shirt and tie without a layer over it – like a jacket or sweater)
  • Greens and browns – excellent color combo for Fall


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier