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What COVID-19 Taught Me About Fashion

What COVID-19 Taught Me About Fashion

I have to admit.

This COVID-19 thing had me in a bad place.

First, like everyone else, I was immediately afraid for the health safety of my family, friends and loved ones.

Next I started to realize the burden placed on essential workers - from doctors and nurses to our local grocery store clerks.

But then things got selfish.

I fell into this rabbit hole.

From the very begining I was told - and realized - that my life's work was very clearly "non essential".

Then everyone got locked in their homes.

Fashion was considered no longer necessary, overnight.

Then sales of leisurewear were the only thing rising.

Then they were the only thing left.

So as a designer of elegant tailored clothing, the immediate future was looking bleak.

I didn’t take long before I myself was wearing pajamas and sweat pants all day, every day.

I was feeling down and depressed, and looked the part - not even showering or combing my hair some days.

It was dark.

I spent at least two weeks like this.

Then something amazing happened.

I got dressed.

As cliche as it sounds, when I put on a decent outfit - I simply felt better.

I crawled back into bed less. I worked harder. I inspired myself to trim my beard and cut my hair - which also really helped with my self esteem.

Turns out, this has been an eye-opening experience that I actually needed.

I had forgotten about the transformational effect of fashion.

We often talk about the external effects of dressing well; sex appeal, perceived proficiency, intelligence, professionalism, etc.

But these are all things that other people feel.

The most powerful transformation is actually the internal one.

Similar to working out, eating healthy, having strong relationships...dressing well makes you feel better about yourself, and try harder in life.

It has the power to take you from the couch to the drivers seat - literally and figuratively.

And the kicker is: this feeling also spreads very quickly. 

A beautiful outfit is like a beautiful smile - it can quickly spread and influence the people around you. 

Today I wore one of my classic AOS "fits" to the grocery store, for example, and people looked at me like the second coming of Jesus. 

Among a crowd of scared people rushing around in sweatpants, a well dressed gentleman can be a powerful image. One of joy, respect and hope.

And what do we need more right now than hope?

I'm not asking you to wear bespoke suits to the grocery store. 

But I am asking you to stop wearing sweatpants.

Please no more goddamn sweatpants. 

This is not time to give up. 

This is time to inspire and show what we're made of.

And it ain't fleece.


Thanks, as always, for reading. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier