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Mission Statement

Articles of Style is re-inventing American menswear by offering a traditional bespoke experience with the convenience of e-commerce. After years of working in high-end bespoke in NYC and reviewing hundreds of suits made by “online made-to-measure” brands, several things became clear to us.

  1. The model for online custom is broken. Self-measuring doesn’t work.
  2. Traveling “measuring specialists” typically know very little about menswear or style.
  3. Cheap “custom suits” made in Asia look terrible, don’t fit properly, and need to be replaced within a year – making them more expensive in the long-run.
  4. “Fast Fashion” is killing our planet.
  5. A great tailor should not only make beautiful, functional garments, but should also teach his clients how to dress with style and get the most out of their wardrobe investments.

Our clients don’t need to book appointments, travel for fittings, or come anywhere near a measuring tape. All you have to do is create an AOS profile to get started – our team of experienced tailors will take care of the rest.

Articles of Style NYC Store Hours Address



166 Mercer Street

New York City


Wed, Thu & Fri: 5pm-9pm

Sat & Sunday: 12pm-6pm


The Team

Dan Trepanier CEO Articles of Style

Dan Trepanier CEO & Creative Director

Dan started Articles of Style from his college dorm room after being named “America’s Best Dressed Real Man” by Esquire magazine in 2009. He studied psychology at Columbia University, where he was recruited to play NCAA basketball, but spent most of his time on the streets of NYC falling in love with menswear and learning everything he could about tailoring. He has a degree in Menswear History & Design from the Fashion Institute of New York, five years bespoke tailoring experience, and can still play above the rim.


Will Howe COO

Will also developed his NY chops first at Columbia, where he studied International Relations and was a four year heavyweight rower. After graduating he spent four years at Google, starting in display advertising before moving to the Global Business Strategy team. He left the comfy corporate life to spend a year traveling the world, eventually winding up in Los Angeles where he reunited with Dan. Since then he’s been determined to help Articles of Style make the leap from style blog to full-service clothier and online destination for the modern man.


Alex Crawford Art Director

Alex studied photography at Belmont University in Nashville. After graduating he moved to Brooklyn and got a Master’s in Fine Arts at the Pratt Institute. He met Dan while showing his work in galleries in New York, and the two hit it off instantly. He’s a southern gentleman with a unique Texas-meets-California sense of style whose work has been published in major online and print magazines around the world.


Westley Dimagiba Editorial Director

Wes was born and raised on the lower east side of New York City. His first job in menswear was shining shoes as a boy, where he observed how gentlemen dressed and learned the fundamentals. He went on to study Business Management at Brooklyn College, and in 2012 became our first official intern. His internship with AoS lead him to a career in menswear; he spent the last three years selling bespoke menswear and refining his technical skills in tailoring. Now that AoS has moved back in NYC, we’re very excited to have him back on the squad – even though he’s always been family.


Ben Howe Web Development

Ben discovered programming while working on a food truck in Seattle. His culinary and technology interests grew in tandem and led him first to fine French dining in New Orleans, and then to fine American tailoring in New York. He studies computer science at Columbia University, and brings his apron and knife out of retirement regularly.

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