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Signature Dormeuil Naturals Wool & Linen Suit

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

This is a super lightweight suit made from a blend of tropical wool and linen made by the iconic fabric mill Dormeuil. It's designed to keep you cool and dry even on the hottest and most humid days. The fabric has a beautiful texture that gives the suit a unique depth and style. If you're looking for a beautiful lightweight suit that is timeless and can easily be split-up into a go-to jacket and trouser - this is it.

Signature Fit: How It Works

Garments from our Signature Collection include our exclusive online-bespoke fitting process. This is How It Works:

More Info: How It Works

More Info

  • Bespoke Fit (includes the AOS fitting experience)
  • Fabric made in the UK by Dormeuil
  • 83% Wool, 17% Linen
  • 8oz/230gm
  • Full canvas
  • Soft natural shoulders
  • Genuine horn buttons
  • Premium finishes throughout

    Delivery time: First-time customers: 9-12 weeks (3-4 weeks for your fitting garment, then 6-8 weeks for your final garment). Repeat customers: 6-8 weeks (since your fitting is already complete).

    Shipping: Free shipping in USA. International shipping rates calculated at checkout.

    More colors: This fabric is available in more colors and patterns. See the entire fabric book.. To place an order for a color that is not available above contact us.

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