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Ribbed Jersey Knit Suit - Private Product

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Ribbed Jersey Knit Suit - Private Product
This product is SOLD OUT.

About The Fabric

About The Fabric

Our Ribbed Jersey Knit is the most comfortable fabric you will ever find in a tailor shop. This is not a traditional suiting cloth, but we cut it like one, and the comfort and performance is unmatched. This Italian jersey knit fabric has a super tight micro-ribbed texture that provides incredible 360-degree stretch and a full range of motion. What also makes this fabric unique is its Wool (59%) and Cotton (41%) blend - providing the performance and temperature regulation of wool with the softness and comfort of cotton. Wear it as a modern suit, a stylized take on the classic blue blazer, or as the most comfortable trousers in your wardrobe.

Weight: 12oz  |  Origin: Italy

59% Wool, 41% Cotton

“The quality of the fabric is amazing and the craftsmanship is world class. This is what American menswear should be. Bravo!"

"The comfort of AOS soft tailoring is amazing. I've never had jackets that I enjoy wearing like this."

"I just received my jacket, trouser and shirt. I am blown away! All three are 100X better in person than they are in the pictures. Thank you!"

About The Fit

This garment is custom-made and includes the AOS bespoke fitting experience

How It Works


This is a bespoke suit handmade by the finest tailors in America. An individual pattern is hand cut for each client and hours of skilled handwork is put into each garment. This suit is made with passion and is built to last the test of time.

  • Handmade in America of fabric imported from Italy
  • Full canvas construction
  • Natural unpadded shoulders
  • Milanese buttonhole
  • Functional surgeon's cuffs

    Default Customizations:

  • 2-button front
  • Classic notch lapels
  • Patch pockets
  • Partial lining
  • Flat front trousers with side-adjusters
  • Plain hem
  • Classic 6-button vest