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Thorben Stemme Wardrobe Upgrade Package - Private Product

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

Hi Thorben!

Here is your new wardrobe package.

Everything is super classic, lightweight and designed for 4-seasons. You can wear these garments any time of the year, no  matter the season, weather, travel, etc.

Everything is also hand-picked to work together and be extremely versatile - so this should make it very easy and efficient to dress with style no matter the occasion :)

We will start with your custom fitting (including free custom try-on garment) and I will personally work with you on your fitting. This way we can make sure the fit is perfect before we cut and deliver the actual garments.

The list of what is included is your package is below (also see the pictures), along with pricing breakdown.

These are special prices just for you, but I also gave you an additional 10% off the whole order, because you've inspired me :)

Please don't share this with anyone else.

Let me know if you have any questions!

More Info

This is a private wardrobe package only for Mr. Thorben Stemme.

The package includes the items below (and in the photos):


  • Navy lightweight 4-season worsted wool suit ($1295)
  • Gray lightweight 4-season worsted wool suit ($1295)
  • Charcoal lightweight 4-season worsted wool suit ($1295)
  • Black lightweight 4-season worsted wool suit ($1295)
  • Tan Wool/Linen spring/summer suit ($1295)
  • Olive lightweight 4-season worsted wool suit ($1295)



  • Light navy performance hopsack jacket ($1095)
  • Heather gray wool/silk lightweight jacket ($1095)
  • Classic 4-season blue blazer ($1095)



  • Mid gray lightweight fresco trouser ($395)
  • Khaki cotton chino trouser ($395)
  • Cream Irish linen trouser ($395)



  • White solid oxford shirt ($195)
  • Blue solid oxford shirt ($195)
  • Classic blue shirt ($195)
  • Blue bengal stripe ($195)
  • Blue/gray chambray shirt ($195)
  • White textured formal tuxedo shirt ($195)



  • Classic 4-season tuxedo ($1295)



  • Classic charcoal wool topcoat ($1095)


TOTAL = $15,800 x 10% discount = $14,220


Hit me on WhatsAPP with any questions!

I’m excited to get started with you. This will be unlike anything you’ve done in the past :)

All the best,


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