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Private Product - Signature Jacket for Sandra Wilson in Green Performance Hopsack

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

This is our best-selling and most iconic jacket. It's soft, light and can easily be dressed-up (with a shirt, tie and trousers) or dressed-down (which a sweater and jeans or chinos). It's the perfect weight to wear year-round, no matter the season or weather. It's made from a basket-woven tropical wool fabric that is designed for function, comfort and travel. The fabric is naturally flexible, stain resistant, crease resistant and realized with organic eco-friendly wool.

Bespoke Fit: How It Works

All "Signature" and "Bespoke Fit" items include our exclusive full-service fitting experience:

More Details

More Info

  • Handmade in America
  • Customizable (click "customize & add to bag")
  • Bespoke fit
  • Includes try-on garment and personal fittings with AOS fit experts
  • Full canvas
  • Soft natural shoulders
  • Hand-shaped collar and lapels
  • Handmade button holes
  • Genuine horn buttons
  • Premium finishes throughout

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