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Private Product - Classic Tuxedo in Fabric #TTV2129 (Black Wool/Mohair Barathea) in Custom Size for Adam Mieuli

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Designer's Notes

Designer's Notes

Our classic tuxedo is timeless, traditional and will never go out of style. It's made from a barathea fabric (wool & mohair) which is the original fabric used for tuxedos dating back hundreds of years. It's designed to keep a crisp and clean drape even after long hours on the dance floor. This is the only tuxedo you will ever need; you can wear it year-round no matter the season, weather or occasion.

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  • Jacket design: 1 button, shawl lapel, piped pockets, full lining
  • Trouser design: flat front, plain waistband w/ suspender buttons, plain hem
  • Trim: Black Satin
  • Classic barathea fabric (Wool & Mohair)
  • 10oz/285gm
  • Full canvas
  • Soft natural shoulders
  • Genuine silk trims
  • Premium finishes throughout


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