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Cashmere V-Neck

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Cashmere V-Neck
This product is SOLD OUT.

About The Fabric

About The Fabric

We took the classic v-neck seater, a staple in menswear for decades, gave it a subtle update and made it in the most beautiful butter-soft cashmere we could find. We spent lots of time engineering the perfect "v" neckline to provide ideal proportions over a collard shirt (allowing the collar to open and stand properly) as well as under a tailored jacket (accenting the line and shape of the lapels). You can wear this sweater on its own (on skin or over a t-shirt), of course, but we typically style it over shirts (like oxfords and chambrays) and under jackets (like flannels and tweeds).

Some people are surprised to learn that the Scottish cashmere story starts with goats. A hardy, mountain-dwelling breed that has adapted to the harsh environments and extreme temperatures of the Gobi Desert. To survive, the goats develop wonderfully thick coats made up of a coarse outer guard hair and a fine, soft undercoat . We use only the finest fibre – the white, downy undercoat that runs from the throat to belly. This yields a tiny amount: it takes fibre from one goat to knit a scarf, three to make a sweater. 

There is simply nothing that compares to Scottish cashmere. The way it looks, how it feels, the way it drapes. With this one we've created a win/win; a sustainable garment of the highest quality.

“The quality of the fabric is amazing and it fits better than bespoke suits I’ve had made in England and NYC. I'm a AOS customer for life!"

"It's so refreshing to have actual experts reviewing my garments and listening to my feedback. The whole thing felt like a true bespoke experience."

"I just received my coat, suit and shirt. I am blown away! All three are 100X better in person than they are in the pictures. I just placed my next order :)"


This garment is part of our zero-waste knitwear collection; aka. the sustainable supply chain of the future. It's "3D knit" on-demand in Brooklyn New York, using a single piece of premium Scottish cashmere yarn and state-of-the-art knitting technology. There are no seams; which creates a garment that is durable and supremely comfortable - and most importantly - there is absolutely no wasted material in production or inventory.

  • 3D Knit in Brooklyn NY
  • 100% sustainably sourced luxury Scottish cashmere
  • Made On-Demand (ships in 3-5 business days)
  • Zero-Waste technology
  • Single yarn construction
  • Classic v-neck design
  • Ribbed neckline, cuffs and hem
  • Designed to be worn tucked or untucked