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Denim Trouser

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Denim Trouser
This product is SOLD OUT.

About The Fabric

About The Fabric

Our Indigo Denim is a 10oz pure worsted cotton woven in Italy. It has a traditional denim twill weave, but is made specifically for tailoring. Think of these as a more elegant (and comfortable) pair of jeans. The fabric is lighter and more breathable than the denims that are traditionally used for selvedge jeans - but it still has all of the hard-wearing, character-building qualities we all love.

Weight: 10oz  |  Mill: Ormezzano  |  Origin: Italy

100% Cotton

“The quality of the fabric is amazing and it fits better than bespoke suits I’ve had made in England and NYC. I'm a AOS customer for life!"

"It's so refreshing to have actual experts reviewing my garments and listening to my feedback. The whole thing felt like a true bespoke experience."

"I just received my coat, suit and shirt. I am blown away! All three are 100X better in person than they are in the pictures. I just placed my next order :)"

About The Fit

This garment is custom-made and includes the AOS bespoke fitting experience

How It Works


This is a bespoke trouser handmade by the finest tailors in America. An individual pattern is hand cut for each client and hours of skilled handwork is put into each garment. This trouser is made with passion and is built to last the test of time.

  • Handmade in America of fabric imported from Italy
  • Handmade waistband and curtain
  • Hand pic stitched fly and pockets
  • Zipper fly with waistband extension
  • Snugtex rubber grippers to keep shirt tucked

    Recommended Customizations:

  • Single pleat
  • Side adjusters
  • Plain hem