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Classic Banker Shirt

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Classic Banker Shirt
This product is SOLD OUT.

About The Fabric

About The Fabric
The banker shirt is made from our best-selling poplin shirting fabric. It's a lightweight 100% cotton super 100s milled in Italy. It's designed for breathability but can be worn year-round, no matter the season. What makes it a "banker" shirt is the striped body with the contrast "all white" collar (complete with eyelets for a collar pin) and matching "all white" cuffs. If you mean serious business - or want to channel your inner Gordon Gekko - this is the one.

“WOW! The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship amazing. This is what American menswear should be. Bravo!"

"The comfort of AOS clothing is second to none. I literally wear my pieces everyday. Thank you!"

"I just received my topcoat, suit and cashmere sweater. I am blown away! All three are 100X better in person than they are in the pictures."

About The Fit

This garment is custom-made and includes the AOS bespoke fitting experience

How It Works


Our bespoke shirt is the highest quality shirt made in America. A small group of skilled artisans in our NJ factory work exclusively on our bespoke shirts, one at a time, using the very best craftsmanship. This level of hand-sewing is only reserved for the finest fabrics, and the end result is unlike any shirt you have worn before.

Default Customizations (as shown in photos):

  • Contrast all-white spearpoint collar w/ eyelets
  • Contrast all-white 2-Button cuffs
  • French front
  • No Pockets

    Click "Customize" to choose your own customizations.

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