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Waterproof Wool Coat

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Waterproof Wool Coat
This product is SOLD OUT.

About The Fabric

About The Fabric
This is the famous “storm system” fabric developed and woven by Loro Piana in Italy. This fabric, originally designed for bespoke rain coats, was previously only available in lightweight cotton or synthetic blend. Modern textile innovation has allowed us to create a 100% premium wool version, heavy enough for the Fall and Winter, that been treated to be fully waterproof. Simply put, this is the softest and most luxurious “rain coat” on the market. It makes for a timeless and stylish outerwear piece that you can wear any day - rain or shine.

“WOW! The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship amazing. This is what American menswear should be. Bravo!"

"The comfort of AOS clothing is second to none. I literally wear my pieces everyday. Thank you!"

"I just received my topcoat, suit and cashmere sweater. I am blown away! All three are 100X better in person than they are in the pictures."

About The Fit

This garment is custom-made and includes the AOS bespoke fitting experience

How It Works


This is a full-canvas bespoke coat handmade by the finest tailors in America. An individual pattern is hand cut for each client and hours of skilled handwork is put into each garment. This coat is made with passion and built to last the test of time.

Default coat style for this fabric (as shown in photos):

  • Mac w/ slash front pockets

    Click "customize" to choose a different coat style with this fabric.

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