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SS22: Life is a Team Sport

SS22: Life is a Team Sport

Good morning gentlemen and ladies!

I'm excited to present the first-drop of our Spring/Summer 2022 collection. 

For this season - and this moment in time - I wanted to celebrate the AOS team. Without these talented and hardworking people, AOS could not exist.

I am so proud of every member of this team. We are a diverse, eclectic bunch - but we share a passion, a vision and have become like family. 

So let me first send a big THANK YOU to the team; Wes, Morgane, Nikki, Matthew, Alex...our honorary members Jake, Tyrone, DJ...our factory partners Arnie, Alexa, and family...our fabric partners Guy, Faith, Mickey, Brad, Rick, James...our OG members Will, Ben, Pat...our growth partners Brian, Kevin, MK...and all those (I missed a lot of names here) who have supported AOS over the years. 

Life is a team sport and we can only win by playing together. 

So without further adieu, we present the first drop of AOS SS22. We will be releasing new content - and new products - throughout the season. So be sure to subscribe to our email list.

The new designs below are available at a special rate for this week only. Use discount code "SS22DROP1" for 15% off at checkout - expires Friday April 15th.

Featherweight Wool/Silk 150s

Our featherweight wool/silk 150s is one of the lightest fabrics available in the world of tailoring. It’s a super-lightweight blend of tropical wool (85%) and silk (15%) designed by Ariston and milled in Italy. Using the most advanced innovations in fabric making technology, this fabric weighs an unprecedented 220g/7oz. It’s so light that you hardly feel it on your body (you will forget you’re wearing a suit) and even the slightest breeze will flow right through the weave - keeping you cool and dry on even the hottest and most humid days. It’s also rendered with a slight heathering effect, which gives the cloth a unique depth and texture which is rarely found in such an airy cloth. Perfect for a summer suit that can also be styled as a separate jacket, trouser or vest. Enjoy!!

Stretch Seersucker

Our stretch seersucker fabric is a light and breezy blend of premium cotton (97%) and stretchy elastane (3%) designed by Ariston and milled in Italy. It has all the beautiful drape and charming crinkle of a traditional seersucker, but it's lighter and has significant 4-way stretch. This makes it one of the most comfortable fabrics for the Spring and Summer seasons. It's also rendered in solid colors (without the traditional white stripe) which makes it extremely versatile; allowing you to wear it long into the evening, and long into the calendar. In fact, many of our clients in warmer places - like Florida and California - where this cloth year-round. You will absolutely love this one! It's a pure joy to wear and goes with everything.

Summer Breeze Birdseye

The Summer Breeze Birdseye fabric was a new experiment for AOS, and we absolutely fell in love with it. Viscose is a semi-synthetic fabric made from wood pulp that is used as a silk substitute - it’s known for its tinsel strength (it can be very light and very strong), smooth handfeel and - most notably - it’s unique ability to take on rich colors with multiple tones. Just take a look at the photos here to see the intricate color play - notice the subtle “undertone” that shimmers beautifully in just the right light. This fabric is designed by Ariston, milled in Italy, and comprised of 60% viscose, 39% virgin wool and 1% elastane for stretch and comfort. Rendered into a beautiful oversized birdseye, it makes for a stunning garment that can be worn year-round and styled for a multitude of occasions from formal to casual. Get ready for lots of compliments on this one.

English Wool & Linen Glenplaid

Our English Wool & Linen Glenplaid fabric is a 50/50 blend of tropical wool and linen milled in England by the legends at Abraham Moon & Sons. This fabric has the best of both worlds - the performance and drape of wool with the crisp hand and breathability of linen - all rendered into a classic glenplaid pattern.

Shantung Hopsack Jacket

Our shantung hopsack is a luxurious blend of virgin wool (75%) and shantung silk (25%) designed by Ariston and milled in Italy. This unique fabric - weighing in at a perfect 4-season 300g/10.5oz - has an amazing slub-hopsack texture rendered in a beautiful blend of neutral earth tones. This is one of those “wow” fabrics that can be styled effortlessly for just about anything; from a formal dinner jacket to a casual blazer. Act fast, this one is limited in supply and you don’t want to miss out on having this beauty in your closet.

Triple-Blend Glenplaid Jacket

Our triple-blend glenplaid fabric combines three of the most popular fibers in tailoring: cotton (37%), linen (36%) and tropical wool (27%). We call this one “beefy but breezy” because it has dense hand (weighs 365g/13oz) but is made with airy fibers woven to breathe. Designed by Ariston and milled in Italy, this one is perfect for a 4-season garment with a beautiful textured drape. Wear it in the Summer with a linen shirt, the Spring with a light knit, the Fall with a cashmere sweater, and the Winter with a beautiful overcoat.

Summer Tweed Jacket

Our summer tweed fabric is a lightweight version of a donegal tweed. We designed this one because we get so many requests from people who live in warm climates but want the versatile texture and rakish vibe of a traditional tweed. Well, here it is. A rare blend of silk (52%) and tropical wool (48%) with the texture, character and style cranked all the way up. And because it weighs a perfect 300g/10.5oz, you can actually wear it year round. It’s breezy enough to wear in the summer with a linen shirt, and beefy enough to wear in the winter with a sweater and coat. Act fast, this one is available in limited quantities.

Premium Twill

Our premium twill fabric combines three of the most popular fibers in tailoring: cotton (37%), linen (36%) and tropical wool (27%). We call this one “beefy but breezy” because it has dense hand with a strong rope-twill (weighs 365g/13oz) but is made with airy fibers woven to breathe. Designed by Ariston and milled in Italy, this one is perfect for a garment with a strong drape that won’t overheat. The textured twill also gives it a very subtle sheen, which makes it perfect for a “crossover” garment that can be styled for formal or casual occasions. Wear this one with everything from a black bowtie to a white t-shirt - it will majorly amp-up the style factor of any outfit.

Plaid Bamboo

Our Plaid Bamboo fabric is as stylish as it gets! It was introduced a few years ago as a plant-based alternative to cashmere for warmer climates. The result is one of the most beautiful 4-season fabrics on the market. It was immediately a big hit with customers because of its extremely soft hand, luxurious sheen and incredible coloring. The unique composition of bamboo fiber, when dyed, creates a beautifully complex color with texture and depth unlike any other textile. And of course, given that it's a tropical plant fiber, it’s lightweight and breathable. That's why they call it "California Cashmere".

Thanks, as always, for reading. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier