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Making It In America Episode 2: DESIGN

Making It In America Episode 2: DESIGN

A menswear designer and a bespoke tailor operate in similar worlds, but offer different skillsets.

A designer is an artist. His or her job is to study the history and heritage of menswear, observe trends in the market, create new garments that form a cohesive collection, and be absolutely obsessed with beauty and aesthetics: colors, shapes, textures, proportions, drape, etc.

A tailor, on the other hand, is more of a scientist and a craftsman. His or her skillset has more to do with mathematical calculations, geometric pattern adjustments, incredible attention to detail, and of course, actual hand-work in terms of cutting, sewing and fitting garments.

At Articles of Style we aim to take the best elements of both worlds and combine them into a digital brand that leverages the convenience and global scale of e-commerce.

Every season we design a “collection” of our favorite fabrics and garments, but these are simply meant as inspiration. Because we make every garment one at a time right here in America, we have the benefit of designing new garments every day, for specific clients who are placing custom orders.

In this way, we like to think of ourselves as “design consultants” for our clients. You have an idea, we help you execute it and bring it to life in the most tasteful and long-lasting way possible, while avoiding the mistakes that inexperienced designers often make.

With that said, I hope Episode 2 will give you some idea of what goes into our design process.


Thanks, as always, for watching. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier