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Hazy Summer: A Ready-to-Wear Capsule

Hazy Summer: A Ready-to-Wear Capsule

Good morning gentlemen!

We have something special for you today.

A new ready-to-wear capsule collection. 

We're calling it Hazy Summer - because the weather has been erratic, and our lifestyles are still in flux. 

Kind of hot. Kind of cold. Kind of business. Kind of leisure. 

We're all living in the middle, and need style that toes the lines. 

So the team and I narrowed down our most versatile and wearable garments, and for a limited time we are offering them as made-to-order ready-to-wear. 

This special collection is only avaiable for one week: order between now and June 1st. Garments will be delivered the first week of August. 

Fabrics are limited, and one has already sold out (the collection leaked last night).

Check out the full "Hazy Summer" collection here

Here are some of the looks, to show you how the AOS stylish gentleman is dressing today: