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Hammer Harrison Tests the Dormeuil Excel Suit Above the Rim

Hammer Harrison Tests the Dormeuil Excel Suit Above the Rim

For years we’ve been testing fabrics from all over the world, trying to create the lightest, most comfortable suit known to man.

What I learned is, sometimes the good stuff finds you.

A fellow frenchman (although not Québécois) representing the historic fabric mill Dormeuil came to visit our Showroom a few months back.

He had a suitcase full of swatches, took his coffee black, and looked excited to share some news with us. He began explaining an innovative new weaving technique that allowed them to create the “most flexible worsted wool fabric in the world”…

“Oh yeah?”, I said…”we’ll see about that”.

I knew later that same week we had an appointment on the calendar for Donte “Hammer” Harrison, a professional high-flyer and basketball entertainer, so I though to myself; “who better to put this frenchman’s fabric to the test”.

As it turns out, this magical lightweight fabric not only provides a full range of motion but it also breathes extraordinarily well and, due to its capacity to stretch, has incredible wrinkle-resistant properties as well. This amazing fabric helped us create the worlds most comfortable suit. And it isn’t just for athletes.

Ultimately, a comfortable suit is an excellent choice for those who travel,- as well as those who keep their pivot foot down.


At 6’9″ Donte is no stranger to a custom suit, but it’s the level of comfort that sets this one apart.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been in a suit that I can actually jump and be active in… I can’t even tell that I’m wearing a suit.”

Thanks, as always, for watching.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier