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5x5=25 (A Lesson in Versatility)

5x5=25 (A Lesson in Versatility)

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By now you probably understand the AOS philosophy of building a versatile wardrobe. 

Today we're going to focus on shirts and ties. 

Most guys have ties that go with certain shirts. Or shirts that go with certain ties. But that is not the best strategy. 

Here is an example of 5 shirts + 5 ties that all work together, giving you 25 total combinations.


For this example we're working with the following 5 shirts:

  • Heather gray solid twill
  • Lavender glenplaid poplin
  • Yellow bengal stripe oxford
  • Sky blue classic broadcloth
  • Blue candy stripe poplin



And the following 5 ties:

  • Navy bamboo solid
  • Blue floral foulard
  • Raspberry windowpane bamboo
  • Yellow/red circle foulard
  • Forest raw silk double stripe


Heather Gray Twill: 5 Options

Lavender Glenplaid Poplin: 5 Options

Yellow Bengal Stripe: 5 Options

Sky Blue Broadcloth: 5 Options

Candy Stripe Poplin: 5 Options

Just some food for thought today, hopefully it inspires you to buy smarter.

Jacket/Trousers/Suits that would work with all 25 of these combos: navy, light gray, khaki/camel, brown. 

Thanks for reading. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier