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1 Piece/10 Ways: Ivory Cashmere Sweater

1 Piece/10 Ways: Ivory Cashmere Sweater

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You know what might be the most versatile garment we've ever made?

The Ivory Cashmere Sweater. 

Here's 12 of the countless ways to wear it. 

1. Shacket & Chinos

Business casual cool.

2. Safari Suit

Ok, some things only Three Piece Papi can pull off. 

3. Shacket + Shorts

The thing that people don't understand about cashmere is that it is very light and breathable. It's a perfect match for a nice pair of shorts - like uncle Ignacio is the bamboos.

4. Spring Suit

Want to make a suit "semi-formal"? Done.

5. Oxford Shirt + Cotton Trousers

Need an extra later of warmth under your oxford shirt? Done.

6. Dinner Jacket + Linen Trousers

Want to show off a wicked dinner jacket? Done.

7. Shacket + Mohair Trousers

Casual day at the office? Done.

8. Shacket Suit

Brunch with the 'ol lady. Done.

9. Denim Shirt + Chinos

The mock neck under a shirt really brings up the level of style and sophistication (not to mention comfort). Even a simple denim shirt + chinos combo all of a sudden looks rakish. 

This sweater is designed to be worn "on skin" (not over a shirt). That's why we call it the "base layer" - you throw it on and your outfit is half done.

10. Pajama Shirt

If this isn't the ultimate "work from home" fit - then I don't know what is!


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier