One Plaid Suit, Five Different Looks [Redux]

October 14th, 2016

When I accepted the job as Editorial Director for AoS, I began by studying the posts that gave Dan his start back in 2010.

There was one article in particular that put Dan “on the map”, so to speak, in the menswear blogging world. It was “One Bold Suit, Five Different Looks” – originally published on 3/8/2010.

What struck me most about this post is how relevant this content still is. Dan and the team still wear looks just like this (including some of the actual garments features), more than six years later. This highlights the true value of classic design, quality craftsmanship, and the concept of building “capsule wardrobes” centered around versatile tailoring.

So to get my feet wet in the editorial game, I thought I would do a “redux” update of this post, using the blue & cream glenplaid from the new AoS collection…

    Day 1 – All Business


    “To wear a suit this bold to the office (provided you have a somewhat liberal dress code), keep the shirt white, the tie dark and solid, and shoes simple dark lace-ups.” -DT, 2010

    I had to go with the full 3-piece… I never skip the vest, ever since I tried to add one after-the-fact and the fabric was sold-out… The vest provides so many more styling combinations, it’s always worth it in the long run. Not to mention the 3-piece is extra bossy.



    Day 2 – Business Casual


    “The beauty of a suit is its simplicity. The jacket matches the pants, so all you have to do is pick a neutral shirt (or sweater) and a pair of shoes… Add a couple quick details (like socks and sunglasses) and you are ready to head out the door.” -DT, 2010

    DON’T BE SHOOK BY THE TURTLENECK!! I get it, I was hesitant to wear one myself when I first started this whole “style journey”, or what have you. But the elegance and simplicity of a turtleneck can bring an outfit, especially a suit, to a whole new level of sophisticated swagger.







    Day 3 – Smart Separates


    “Tired of the same old blue blazer + khakis look? Try a sharp navy suit jacket with your patterned suit pants instead. Same concept, fresher execution.” -DT, 2010

    I flipped the script on this one, keeping the plaid jacket and going with the light navy trouser instead. Same concept applies…and this is probably my favorite outfit of the post.



    Day 4 – Casual Friday


    “Yes, you can wear your suit pants as trousers. Pair them with a solid oxford shirt and finish the look with the sweater of the season [decade?]; the chunky shawl cardigan.” -DT, 2010

    This is the easiest way to stretch your suit pants into your weekend rotation; white oxford shirt + navy chunky sweater. In this case, a double-breasted “peacoat cardigan” in an incredible wool/cashmere heavy ribbed knit.




    Day 5 – Casual Friday


    “Wear a suit, don’t feel like a suit.” -DT, 2010.

    Here’s a good example of why I always recommend adding the vest… It’s a layering piece that gives you lots of styling options – especially since the rest of your wardrobe should be curated to compliment your suit fabric(s)…


    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Much love, 

    Wes Dimagiba

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    • JoeFromTexas

      Brilliant Post!

    • Kolja Kassner

      Great to see you back at AoS, Wes. Still the best man in front of the cam and so much more natural than everyone else!

    • Mxolisi

      This is probably one of the few times I’ll post on AOS since I’ve been riding since the blogspot days. The 2010 post is still my all time favourite because it opened my eyes to the versatility of clothing and how to mix and match. It’s also probably the one time I commented the most on AOS.

      This is a fresh take on the old but still very relevant. Glad to have you gents back.

      All the best!

    • Vincent Nappi

      Sharp & sophisticated. Great redux!

    • TO

      Strikingly similar suit (I think w/ a little more appropriately subtle pattern) to the OG, so I see how you had to do the “redux”.

      Love the long shot of the trousers in look 4- that’s how nice a product you get with AOS, people need to understand! Nice work!

    • cam

      the original post from 2010 is still my favorite of all time. wes, you did a great service reduxing this classic feature.

      • Westley Dimagiba

        same here Cam, that’s why it was a no brainer.

    • AdamE

      This is a great redux of a classic post… all of the looks are spot on, and something that could easily be adapted for most guys wardrobes… That said #3 and 5 are especially off the hook!

      • Westley Dimagiba

        I’ve been wearing #3 too often hah