Bring the Pane

February 15th, 2016

The only thing smoother than a windowpane suit is a windowpane suit in a beautiful textured fabric.

Our new windowpane hopsack is a very rare blend of wool and silk that’s woven into a lightweight hopsack. This dream fabric brings together the natural breathing properties of tropical wool, the luxurious sheen of silk, and the wrinkle resistance of a hopsack weave. It’s elegant, traditional, and modern all at the same time – and that’s the type of versatility we love in a menswear fabric.

Here Will and I test drive our latest addition to the AOS Tailor Shop.

    Evening Tailoring


    A tailored suit with a fitted cashmere turtleneck is a timeless combination that somehow always looks murderous and gentlemanly at the same time.


    Check out the Windowpane Hopsack Suit for more information on this limited-edition garment and to schedule your custom fittings with our team of experienced tailors.

    Hopsack Windowpane 2-Piece

    • Grey cashmere turtleneck by Ralph Lauren
    • White linen pocket square
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • “Brando” oxford brogue shoes by Paul Evans

    All Business

    AOS_Mont_Blanc (31 of 37)

    Traditionally the windowpane suit was not meant to be a bold or fashion-forward choice. It has an English seriousness about it, especially when combined with menswear classics like a white french cuff shirt, a wool crepe tie and a pair of black captoe oxfords.

    AOS_Mont_Blanc (28 of 37)AOS_Mont_Blanc (26 of 37)AOS_Mont_Blanc (22 of 37)AOS_Mont_Blanc (30 of 37)AOS_Mont_Blanc (25 of 37)

    Our 3-piece Windowpane Hopsack is shown here with our newest waistcoat styling option; the 5-button front with notch lapels.

    Hopsack Windowpane 3-Piece

    • Hidden Placket Formal Shirt
    • Grey crepe tie by Marshall Anthony
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Cufflinks by Montblanc
    • Pen by Montblanc
    • White cotton pocket square
    • “Cornwallis” dress oxfords by Allen Edmonds

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Dmitriy Yefemoff

      Does anybody know whats the matter with Marshall Anthony’s website?

    • Alex

      I have a collection of pocket watches and I having a hard time visualising a chain in this suit… Would it go?

    • JoeFromTexas

      What happened to hitman chic?! I thought you were going to add a new filter to the style guide: What are you doing? – Going to a formal event – Going to a casual party – Carrying out a hit

    • Miguel

      That Windowpane suit is great but I’m with AFH, this would have been greater in DB Jacket.

      • AFH

        Hahaha, didn’t necessarily mean that – I was just curious about how the different lapels would play together.

    • AFH

      Is there a particular reason to go 5 button on a notch-lapel waistcoat, as opposed to 6 (or indeed 7)?

      I like 6 on some waistcoats because it means you have a bit more license to undo buttons to wear it casually (2 at the bottom and one at the top), but I suppose a lapelled waistcoat is quite a bit more formal so probably wouldn’t work casually so easily; perhaps there is another reason though.

      Would the DB jackets work with a notch lapel waistcoat?

      I’m still not very convinced windowpane is a very English choice for a business suit (pretty sure I’ve never seen anyone wear one in London), but it is some very nice fabric for sure.