Brown in Town

December 24th, 2015

“No Brown in Town” was one of those old-school menswear “rules” created to help guys understand appropriate dress. The principle was that the color brown (especially in regards to shoes, but also clothing) should be reserved for the country, while a wardrobe consisting of black, grey and navy was more suited for city life.

Well some things, even in classic menswear, change with time.  Today brown is one of the most refreshing and invigorating colors that a man can add to his wardrobe, even within a big city lifestyle.

The best part about the color brown is that it comes in countless shades; from green-hued olive browns, to warm and rich chestnut browns, to dark eggplant-purple chocolates, etc.

Here are some wardrobe ideas to get you thinking about what brown can do for you.

    Professorial Tweed

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    Date Night Flannel


    Leisure Suiting


    Holiday Shawl


    A Classic Man


    More Brown from the AOS Archives…


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      • Esosa

        Only have an Olive… have to get a darker brown color in my rotation at some point.. would this be considered brown?

        • Dan Trepanier

          Looks more taupe to me… great fit though! Really clean.

          • Esosa

            Thanks man…Def need to look into a real brown suit then..I guess that is the only staple missing..

      • Danny

        I’m loving the cherry-wood! I’m deciding on whether to grab a solid navy or go bold! Decisions, decisions…

        • Dan Trepanier

          The cherrywood is not that bold ;)

      • NickH

        Brown in town all town all the way. I finally received my
        Natural Tweed 3 piece suit and couldn’t be happier. Definitely the best
        Christmas gift I got… even though I bought it myself.

        If anyone is considering a fall or winter suit that will
        stand the test of time- this is it. The pictures don’t do it justice. In person you can really see the intricate weave of tan and brown hues, which creates this wonderful earthy, warm tone. It’s a poor analogy, but the suit looks like it was carved from a cliffside of the
        Scottish isles. That’s the best way I can describe it. It’s rugged, manly and sophisticated at the same time. The fabric is a work of art.

        Also, Dan and the team did a fantastic job of altering and tailoring
        the garment to my unique shape. I have a closet full of custom tailored Brooks Brothers suits, and this suit just fits better. It’s slimmer in all the right places, but not tight or restricting. I don’t know how Dan was able to craft a suit that fits so well based on some
        grainy IPhone pictures, but he did. After trying on the suit, I felt like all
        my other suits were baggy, sloppy messes. Kudos.

        The garment is also surprisingly interchangeable. So far I’ve
        paired the jacket with navy flannel, forest green wool, chocolate wool and cream twill pants. They all match beautifully.

        The only downside I’ve noticed is that the fabric is a bit
        itchy. The unconstructed interior leaves a lot of bare wool, and I wouldn’t wear this with any kind of T-shirt, or even a cotton button-up without an undershirt. It’s not horrible, and it really isn’t an issue for me, but it is itchy nonetheless. I’d compare it to the itchiness of a lamb’s wool sweater. Not unbearable by any means.

        To wrap it up, definitely worth it. All the way. Once you
        try this on, you just feel like a country gentleman.

        • Dan Trepanier

          WOW! Thank you Nick! What an awesome review. I was looking forward to hearing back from you and locking-in your final pattern for all your future orders :)

          Talk soon,

      • tommyjohn_45

        Always been a huge fan of brown, but have trouble finding the right shade for my complexion. Being quite pale with light brown/dirty blonde hair, I always feel like browns make me look even whiter!

        • Rohail Rolo Ullah

          Hey @tommyjohn_45:disqus I completely agree with you about finding that right shade of brown. Have you found any shades that work for you?

        • Dan Trepanier

          Brown is a great color for pale folks. I would stick to something medium and warm (like a chestnut) or dark and saturated (like chocolate) and avoid anything light or buttery (like peanut or birch). Cheers mate.

      • Jeanscuffed

        That chocolate linen 2pc with the denim shirt, loud tie and green socks will forever be one of my favorite pics of all time from this site. So rich with color and so unexpected. I could just imagine how it looked in person

      • TO

        The brown so far in my wardrobe is pretty limited when I stop to think- a DB blazer, shearling bomber, jeans…

        I like the re-categorization of Boswell’s suit/jacket to “holiday shawl”, that would be a HUGE hit at a holiday party.

        Love the simple palette but oh-so-smooth suit outfit Will has with the matching-colour socks and knit, looks like he could show up to the wrong date and steal it…

      • Ethan W.

        Brown is one of my favourite colors! Love all the looks, especially the flannel one!

        • Dan Trepanier

          Thanks Ethan. Looking forward to lacing you up!

      • Grant

        I’ve seen that cherry flannel suit fifty times in the last month. AOS is starting to get real repetitive with the plugs for the same suits over and over…..

        • Dan Trepanier

          Thanks for being such a frequent visitor Grant!

          • Jeanscuffed

            I only counted 6 times….wouldn’t mind seeing it another 44 times…can’t wait until ya’ll release your S/S line

        • Rohail Rolo Ullah

          Hey Grant,

          I have also seen a few repetitive suits. Are there any different looks you want to see?? Different colors, 2/3 button jackets, etc.