The AOS Experience: New Client Testimonial

December 18th, 2015

BANG BANG! Just received some awesome feedback from one of our first clients.

David is 5’9″, 135 lbs. He struggles with off-the-rack menswear because his chest size is a 34 (very hard to find) and he’s in-between a ‘Short’ and ‘Regular’ length at that size. “I have a short and slender torso, but very long arms. The sleeves on a size ‘Short’ are about an inch too short, while the jacket length on a ‘Regular’ is too long.”

Well, that’s what we’re here for. Three weeks after his first purchase (the Cherrywood Flannel 2-Piece Suit –  great choice) David was sent a custom try-on suit for his initial fit assessment. This garment, as seen below in his initial fitting photo, was pre-adjusted for him based on his client profile questionnaire. The best part is, David gets to keep the fitting garment for any updates to his profile in the future (he can also wear the try-on pants and try-on shirt, which are fully constructed).

Jacket Front

As with every client, I personally reviewed all 8 photos of David’s try-on suit (as well as his open feedback regarding the test fit) with our team of experienced pattern-makers and tailors.

For his custom garment we decided to let-out the stomach 5/8″ each side, lower the button stance 3/4″, square the shoulder lines to clean up the back collar, shorten the sleeves and body of the jacket, take-in the armholes and trim the biceps, and let-out the shoulders 1/4″ (which we wanted to keep trim, due to his overall size).

Four weeks after he uploaded his initial fitting, he received his final garment:

David Tran Final Fit

David didn’t need any final alterations to his first completed garment. If he did, we would advise him on what to change, and pick up the tab for any tweaks performed at his local tailor. Either way, his final pattern is updated and saved for all of his future orders. He no longer needs to do a fitting garment – all of his orders will arrive in four weeks, with the exact same custom fit (unless he changes weight, in which case we’ll update his pattern by reviewing a new fitting in this first garment).

As far as David’s personal feedback on the process and final product:

‘The quality of the garment and fabric is beautiful. The suit fits very well and looks great. It’s remarkable how well it fits simply by using photographs… It fits as well as the in-person bespoke suits I’ve purchased. Thank you Dan & team, congratulations on this venture, and job well done!”

So cheers to another satisfied client and another classic American garment delivered! If you have any questions regarding our garments or fitting process, you can reach us at


Thanks for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Theo

    you guys are going to kill this market space. Can’t wait to get my garment

    • Dan Trepanier

      Thanks Theo! The game needs changing…we’re the voluntary cashiers.

      Looking forward to your first fitting!

      All the best,

  • scott

    I miss the site from before it was an AOS commercial.

    • Dan Trepanier

      Change is necessary for growth. I think in the long-run you will see why this shift makes AOS a much better site and experience. Thanks for reading Scott. Happy Holidays.

      • Josh

        You’re not going to make everyone happy. That means you’re doing something right :)

    • Mike

      If you came to AOS for content, you should be excited for AOS product, a physical manifestation of the words that made AOS the voice of current menswear.

  • TheSartorialBully

    Awesome, can’t wait for my garment to get in!!

    • Dan Trepanier

      Looking forward to delivering! Maybe you can be our next “case study”… :)

      • TheSartorialBully

        Case study, feature. Sign me up boss!!

    • NickH

      I second this! I’m hoping my tweed suit arrives before Christmas! It may be unlikely but I’m an optimist.

  • Esosa

    I wish we could see the back of the garment… I feel that is where you see through true skill of a tailor.. The front looks really clean though and outside of a slight balance issue this is pretty good… good job guys!

    • Dan Trepanier

      You will be able to see the back of yours :)

      • Esosa

        Trust, Ill be coming to you guys soon.. Im only 2.5 hours away by car…there are a couple things I want to try being that I have almost every staple known to man in my closet…Its time to get a little adventerous, hehe

        • Dan Trepanier

          Hell Yea! That’s what we do best… I smell a custom Big-Man editorial coming… ;)

  • Dan

    In the interest of trying to understand, hoping someone can discuss the fit for me.

    My understanding of fit would make me think that the jacket shoulders are too narrow since you can see the curvature of his actual shoulder in the sleeve. I thought the idea was for a straight vertical drop from the end of the jacket shoulder?

    Or is this how it’s intended to fit for this style? Like I said, just trying to learn…hope someone can help.

    • TO

      I can’t give a technical response of a tailor. I think this way of looking at it is a good theoretical guideline indicating clean lines in an idealized way. But if you think about the muscles of the shoulder, the deltoids, specifically the lateral (side), they create a rounded ‘bulb’ shape to the shoulder. So if there is this rounded musculature present, from a front view you can’t a truly straight immediate drop-off towards the ground off the side of the shoulder with a trim fit in the arm anyways, methinks.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Well said TO. That’s exactly right, this was a relatively difficult pattern to cut for those reasons. Thanks for your continued support – hope you’re gearing up for a great Holiday season!

        • Andrew

          Just gotta say, something is weird about your business model when you have to delete comments of people posting simple constructive corrections on your work. I understand you gotta turn a profit, just a shame it’s gotta be done at the expense of people who don’t know much about menswear.

          (not meant to be posted site, just a personal comment to DT)

          • Dan Trepanier

            Hmm.. Sorry Andrew, I didn’t see your previous comment… If you have a question, its generally better to reach me personally with the contact form rather than the comments section. Thanks for reading and commenting! We’re all about education and conservations about menswear. Happy Holidays, Dan

            • Andrew

              Sorry on that then, must be some error. I just noted that the shoulders are incorrect and should be 2cm from natural shoulder line with a better slope (online MTM limitations). It’s not an error tailors make

              • Dan Trepanier

                Thanks for sharing your opinion Andrew, love the attention to detail. I personally chose to keep the shoulder lines narrower, and the armholes more vertical, given the client’s chest size, overall proportions, and personal history with problematic fit areas. Ultimately, he’s thrilled with his first garment, and that is ultimately what matters.

                Importantly, though, I don’t think it’s fair to refer to this as “online MTM limitations”. Our process is unique in that our professional tailoring team makes these decisions (yes, down to 1cm) for each client individually, based on his initial basted fitting, open feedback and personal preferences…

                Anyway, appreciate the constructive criticism.


    • Dan Trepanier

      Every client and every fitting should be dissected on a case-by-case. This client has a very small frame, with relatively large shoulders. Bringing the armholes out to the edge of the shoulders does not make for a more flattering garment, and is a mistake that tailors often make with smaller gentlemen.

      It becomes very difficult to apply the same tailoring “rules” to all body types and shapes, especially when the further they deviate from a standard pattern size. Ultimately these decisions are up to the experience of the tailor, which is why we personally review each fitting to ensure the best results for each client individually.

      Cheers mate.

  • TO

    Amazing! Can’t wait for my final garment to arrive :)

    • Dan Trepanier

      Should be there any day… Excited to see that suit & overcoat combo! :) #BestDressedManinAlberta

      • TO

        I don’t know, my good friend lived in Calgary for eight years and he says there’s a lot of business types that bring it style-wise, and often cleverly throw aspects of western style into the mix. I’ll have to go check it out– maybe there’s also a lot of folks that need your service!

        • Dan Trepanier

          Sounds like Brand Ambassador status to me…