Winterize Your Khakis: Moleskin

November 11th, 2015

Chinos are great. They’re versatile, low maintenance and come in every color you can image. The problem is, chino cotton is generally lightweight. Wearing them November-March feels cold and looks out-of-place.

So in the spirit of seasonal equivalent fabrics, the solution to warmer chinos is moleskin. Moleskin is 100% cotton, just like chino, but it’s coarser, heavier and processed differently. Think of it like corduroy, just without the “ribbing”. It’s a dense cotton with a brushed surface that gives it a slight “nap” feel (somewhat reminiscent of suede).

Here Will shows us that moleskin pants are to Fall/Winter what chinos are to Spring/Summer.

    Business Casual


    There’s no reason for long underwear to be bunching-up your pant lines and over-heating you at the office, moleskin is cozy and warm with natural breathing properties.


    Date Night


    Like most dense cottons (think denim and corduroy) moleskin is a tough and rugged fabric that can withstand a real beating. These will break-in over time and look even better once they accumulate a few creases and wear spots.


    • Cashmere peacoat by Articles of Style (Sample)
    • Forest green turtlneck by Uniqlo
    • Brown suede Ring belt by Brooks Brothers
    • Moleskin 5-Pocket Jeans by Ralph Lauren
    • Chocolate suede captoe boots by Johnston & Murphy

    Weekend Chill


    Warmer than chinos and softer than denim, there is nothing more chill than a pair of moleskin pants. You’ll want to live in these, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.


    • Tortoise sunglasses by John Varvatos
    • Black crewneck cashmere sweater by Prada
    • Navajo bomber jacket by Pendelton (Vintage)
    • Moleskin 5-Pocket Jeans by Ralph Lauren
    • Black leather wingtip boots by Paul Smith

    Thanks, as always, for reading. 

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Caboom

      Two questions:
      1) Where could I find a pair of pants like this for a student-friendly price?
      2) You must have tailored that Chimayo jacket, no?!? It’s gorgeous, and the fit seems uncharacteristic for a vintage piece (especially in the sleeves)



    • Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

      Can we take a moment for that Pendelton bomber jacket? Seriously great looking.

    • Malcolm

      Oh those topcoats. … if only, le sigh.

    • TO

      Awesome! Getting the last wears out of my chinos, but they are a bit thicker and its been unseasonably mild so far in northern Alberta. Wish I had this option! Sample’s amazing.

    • Edward

      I know that the peacoat in the second look is a sample, but would that be something AOS would be releasing?

    • Miguel

      Love the combinations, specially number 2.

    • Ethan W.

      Will is the most good looking analyst I’ve ever seen.

      Loving that bomber jacket in look three. Have you checked out Chimayo jackets from the 30s?

      • TO

        Not I, but just googled them. Some look a little intense, but I’m sure there are lots of fly ones out there! Any cool associations with them?