Day-to-Night Tailoring

October 29th, 2015

Life moves fast.

Gentlemen today don’t have the time to go home and change out of their “work clothes” before heading out for the evening.

That’s why so many well-dressed city slickers carry manbags with them throughout the day. In addition to holding a laptop, book to read on the subway, water bottle, etc, it’s also a great place to keep a casual layer for the evening and stash your necktie and cufflinks once you leave the office.

“The gentleman on the move” was one of the inspirations for our first collection. The goal was to create versatile garments that our clients could use for work and play.

To illustrate this point, downtown NYC’s very own Umi Mucktar-Barnes, brother of Kai Mucktar-Barnes, takes our unstructured tailoring from day to night.

By Day: Business Casual

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By Night: Beers & the Game

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Houndstooth Tweed Coat

Cherrywood Flannel Suit
  • Linen hand-knit crewneck by Ralph Lauren ·
  • Cashmere knit tie by Aklasu ·
  • Suede gloves (in pocket) by Dents ·
  • Brown leather briefcase by Frank Clegg x Dan Trepanier ·
  • Suede chukka boots by Sebago

By Day: All Business

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By Night: Skaken, Not Stirred

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Herringbone Tweed Coat

Blue Candy Stripe Oxford Shirt
  • Brown felt hat by Stetson (Vintage)

By Day: Client Appointments

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By Night: Dinner & Date

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Blackwatch Lambswool Coat

Navy Flannel Trouser
  • Stripe tie by Alara ·
  • Stone Stripe Broadcloth Shirt ·
  • Charcoal turtleneck sweater by Gucci ·
  • Black Leather Dress Shoes by Allen Edmonds

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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