What I Wore Today: Bespoke Veterans

August 12th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Bespoke Veterans”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.



    A pure linen suit never fails. I was meeting with LA tailor to the superstars Waraire Boswell, so I thought it would be appropriate to wear his Nehru band collar shirt.


    I do feel that the double monkstrap trend has become a little much in the menswear community, but I still really love these pebbled leather “dub monks” with ostrich skin on the captoe and heel.


    Waraire Boswell


    Waraire Boswell, as profiled here, has a unique style that is all his own.

    I love watching designers develop their own aesthetic, spin it into a brand, then find enough entrepreneurial spirit (ie. willingness to take enough punches) to grind and make a viable business out of it. Watch for big things coming from this man.

    waraire-boswell-floral-print-shirt-plaid-trouserswaraire-boswell-corduroy-suit-floral-print-shirtburgundy-common-project-oxford-patent-leather-plaid trousers

    Khaled Nasr


    When we first started developing our online bespoke process, we put together a list of discerning gentlemen to test it on. I thought; if we’re going to offer bespoke fittings online, then we should be able to nail the fit even for the most experienced and knowledgeable clients.

    Who better to test our new fitting process then Khaled Nasr. He’s amassed a strong following for his razor-cut suits and his unapologetically Italian style. He’s also the number one client, and unofficial brand ambassador, of the respected Italian tailoring house Sciamat.

    So a few months ago I sent Khaled a custom fitting garment and had him go through our online fitting process. My goal was to replicate the fit (and style) of his Sciamat suits, without taking a single measurement of him… This navy hopsack suit is the end result. Considering Khaled wears his tailoring cut to-the-bone, I’d say this test went very well. And as far as the only opinion that matters; Khaled was impressed and loves the suit!

    We’re starting to get excited, but we’ll share more on our collection and our exclusive fitting process soon. I should note that the garments in this Fall’s AoS Bespoke Collection will not look exactly like this one. This was purely a test of our digital fitting process – the garment was custom designed only for Khaled.


    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • https://www.FrankWilder.com Frank Wilder

      There is no need to become anything in this world. Accept this and you’ll be surprised with who you become – Frank Wilder

    • Sam

      I don’t like Khaled’s roped shoulders at all, they make his arms look so ill-proportioned. My vote is for Waraire. The textures, the proportions, and that beautiful color scheme are absolutely perfect.

    • Ishandev

      Dan without a doubt. It’s hot as ish in NYC right now, and I would absolutely be wearing that. The nehru collar is particularly close to my heart. Because you know!
      Khaled is definitely one of the best dressed men in the world right now, no doubt about that. I don’t know what your background is, my good man… but i’ll be fine with you throwing in some ethnic accessories haha.
      For some reason Warare doesn’t look goofy. I don’t even think in those color combinatons and that makes me feel inspired.

    • Kyle Leon Norville

      That db-corduroy comes with my vote. Epic look!

    • http://www.streetxsprezza.wordpress.com Ethan W.

      You guys got all the details spot on for Khaled! I can’t wait to see more.

      Waraire wins for me. The color combos in his shirt and pants are what I live for.

    • Patrick Germany

      That Corduroy Jacket from Mr. Boswell is so different and unique. Just perfect – as is the whole look.
      My vote goes to him handsdown. Dan is second

    • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

      I truly can’t wait for the collection! Khaled’s suit looks fantastic, and judging by the description of the ordering process, this little tool you’re designing is going to be a blast to play with. Sciamat is a company from Bari, not from Napoli, but you definitely nailed their look, especially the spalla camicia con rollino.
      Just one thought: if the online bespoke business takes off, it may be a good idea to think of an alternative name for the brand.

    • Miguel

      Decisions, I think I’m going with Dan on this one, his look is more relax and perfect for the season, Linen suit, the white collarless shirt and the double monks made the look pop out.

      I’m really liking the sneak peaks at the upcoming AoS collection, great work.

      • http://www.stylegirlfriend.com/ Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

        If everyone would wear linen suits like that, I would be forever happy.

    • AdamE

      My vote goes to Mr. Boswell, that DB Cord jacket is killer! But everyone was close behind, and Khaled’s suit looks pretty killer too!

    • Dave Coakley

      Dan’s look is so relaxed yet stylish

    • http://www.online-instagram.com/user/easyandawesome/1217714417 olrichm

      Think I’ll have to go with Dan on this one, again the whole laid back thing. But dang that suit Khaled has on looks very nice!

    • LarsBrown.

      Waraire’s trousers would usually be enough to get my vote – they are fantastic. Just not a fan of the shirt paired with them so, for me, Dan’s laidback tailored look gets the nudge.

    • http://www.twitter.com/MaxBornInThe90s Max BornInTheNineties

      Did you make the cover photo look like the Italian flag on purpose? (The portraits are arranged and are in the same proportions as the stripes on the Italian flag. And the backgrounds are green, white and red from left to right.) Because if so; that’s so clever!

      10/10 on all the looks as always. I love double monks, but know exactly what you’re saying. But just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re not awesome.

    • Jerry

      Dan! If I am not mistaking, you took those pictures at Two Boots Pizza in DownTown right??

    • TO

      The explanation on Mr.
      Nasr’s suit blows my mind. Anxiously awaiting the drop.

      • http://www.stylegirlfriend.com/ Brittany_StyleGirlfriend

        Seriously a game-changer. That suit (and how he styled it) is so sharp.

    • Shawn

      M. Nasr looks pretty good in his hopsack suit! Although when overdone I agree it can look feminine, I love a strong, roped shoulder like this one! I also appreciate the wide lapels and high notch, that runs parallel to the shoulder line!

      Great job AoS!

    • cam

      hey dan this is only showing up in the style guide and not on the home page which im assuming is the lack of comments. you may want to run it again another day.

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