A Summer Footwear Guide

August 3rd, 2015

Menswear is all about seasonality.

In order to allow your clothing investments to last, it’s a good idea to rotate your wardrobe according to the seasons and climate changes. This is especially important with shoes; it’s always good to give them a break during the off-season to keep them fresh and avoid injury.

During the hottest week of the summer so far, here are the pairs that I’ve been reaching for. Most of these shoes I would consider “Summer Specific”, but since moving to the West Coast they’ve become year-round go-tos and have replaced many of the hard-bottom captoes and wingtips in my rotation.

So while we’re soaking up the sun, here are some summer footwear staples.

White Suede Bucks


Not the super traditional bucks – I’m not much for round toes. I like my bucks with a little more shape, like these custom nubuck wingtips by Scarpe di Bianco. They’re a perfect match for a slim & cropped linen trouser, in just any color you can imagine.

Patterned Needlepoint Slippers


More of an occasional thing, these. Perfect for a poolside party in Hollywood or weekend trip to Miami. For more slipper inspiration, check out the king of slippers, Mr. Miami, Angel Ramos.

Taupe Grey Woven Huaraches


This traditional Mexican sandal has been trending in menswear this season, which means shoe brands from all over have been re-interpreting it in all kinds of fabrications.

Black Leather Driving Mocs


I’ve had these Gucci bamboo drivers for almost 10 years. I even backpacked Europe for 3 months with only these and a pair of white converse sneakers. All this to say they are very versatile and very resilient. Best for driving, but not bad for walking tropical locales. Sockless, of course.

Leather Strap Sandals


People love these sandals. Maybe it’s the old-world masculinity associated with gladiators and the Roman Empire. Or maybe it’s a Jesus of Nazareth thing. Or maybe they just look really cool. Whatever the case, they’re my go-to on super hot days, usually with leisurely tailoring.

Canvas Espadrilles


The canvas espadrille with the traditional jute rope sole is definitely a summer specific style. Consider it the most casual version of a slip-on loafer, and wear it as such.

White Low Top Sneakers


These are a must-have for Spring/Summer. For those long days pounding the pavement and getting around the city. For outfit ideas (including any of these styles) don’t forget you can always filter our archives using the AoS Style Guide.

Suede Belgian Loafers


This is my newest pair of shoes – about 48 hours old. They’re a modern take on the traditional Belgian shoe. More on these coming up later this week…


Thanks, as always, for reading. 

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Henry Washington, Jr.

    Who makes those espadrilles?

  • Rob

    Love the selection, good ideas there. Interested to know though if you excluded boat shoes for a specific reason – as in, you don’t like them / are against them – or that’s just the way it worked out? Thanks!

  • mligon

    White sneakers for summer forever. Currently in rotation – low-top Chucks, Vans, Superga’s, high-top Warriors (Chinese heritage brand which are like Chucks), some ol’ Nike all-leather court shoes, classic Reebok NPC, Tretorn Nylites, a Sperry canvas Topsiders and my recently acquired and not yet worn Addidas Stan Smiths (with red trim).

    • Kyle Leon Norville

      I definitely agree, Vans make my summer very easy. I personally like how they looked beat up. I think white leather works too. Going for the Adidas Stan Smith’s with Green Trim, though I prefer black.

    • TO

      Interested in the canvas boat shoes…

      This summer I have been living in a new place and capsulized my wardrobe (it’s a small rented room I’ve been living in). The footwear that’s been in my rotation has been 3 year old beat down low top white chucks, all black Stan Smiths (a more recent aquisition), navy/white saddle shoes and suede Chelsea boots, that I can’t stop wearing despite the commonly held belief that they’re “out of season”.

      Been yearning for a ‘perfect’ casual low top slip on of some sort b/c slipping then on/off is what I like most about the Chelseas.

  • Sean

    Common projects all day! I .. I have had them since 2012.. Now that I figured out how to get the mid soles crispy white again, as if they are brand new, I expect to get at least another 3-4 summers out of them..

    • TO

      How do you do that?

  • Ben

    I know they’re preppy and scream ‘frat boy’ but I can’t get through a summer without a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. As a sailor I feel right at home in them and I don’t feel bad about wearing through a pair every summer. A pair of deck shoes, a pair of driving loafers and a pair of Asics Tigers gets me through whatever summer throws at me.

  • http://www.online-instagram.com/user/easyandawesome/1217714417 olrichm

    My favorite are those patterned slippers! I’ve been going with drivers most the summer, working great but some variety might be something to look into!

  • http://www.17verses.com Malcolm

    I’ll be interested to see those suede Belgian loafers cropping up in future posts. Paired with light-colored pants? (and sockless, I assume).

  • Taran 07

    Great Summer selection Dan!
    I am rocking this Summer. Leather sandals, solid espadrilles, shoes huaraches, chocolate loafers, and leather flip flops.
    I try to go sock less as much as I can. The looks screams Summer.

  • Miguel

    What I’ve been rocking all summer is pretty much, leather loafers, suede brown chocolate loafer, leather strap sandals, zero grands, pattern Espadrilles and my first pair of Penny loafers.

    The Belgian loafers are sick, are those custom made Dan?

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