What I Wore Today: Comfortable Summer Tailoring

June 4th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Comfortable Summer Tailoring”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.

    Neil – Toronto


    A rare casual sighting of photographer/editor Neil Watson up in Toronto – cashmere on cashmere, lightweight scarf, cargo pants, sneakers. He has a knack for keeping it clean and simple, something we could all learn from at times.



    Dan – Los Angeles


    Alejandro Rodriguez is becoming one of my new favorite menswear designers, and this suede/leather/waxed cotton varsity jacket is my favorite piece from his current collection. Can’t go wrong with earth tones – like beiges, greens, and browns – at any time of the year.


    Andre – Nashville


    The good doctor always brings his A-game – in life, in teaching, in inspiring, and of course, in dressing. Today it’s all about a bespoke silk double-breasted suit (but by Len), a custom made straw fedora, a splash of Spring color, and a vintage pair of crocodile tassel loafers. Well done sir, as always.


    • Straw hat by Worth and Worth
    • Midnight Blue Silk Blend Suit
    • Shirt by Phineas Cole
    • Tie by Turnball & Asser
    • Pink socks by the Oxford Shop (Nashville, TN)
    • Vintage crocodile tassel loafers by Ralph Lauren

    Jared – Melbourne


    Down in Australia our friend Jared Acquaro continues to bring back classic tailoring, with perfect proportions, high-waisted trousers, and smart pattern-mixing. Bonus points for the unique color coordinating here.


    • Windowpane sportcoat by Oscar Hunt Tailors
    • Textured White Broadcloth Shirt
    • Tie by Passaggio Cravatte
    • Pochette by Christian Kimber
    • Socks by Fortis Green
    • Monkstrap loafers by Loake

    Thanks for reading, and special thanks for the gentlemen for participating!

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Vic

      Dan, you’re straight up killing it with the that amazing fabric mixing. Also it’s so nice to see someone not wearing a suit or blazer. Don’t get me wrong, I love a nice suit but it quickly gets stale when every picture is a variation of the suit and tie. That being said it’s har to compete with thw doc! He just radiates style.

    • Borna

      The Doc is looking sharp as always but I’ve got to go with Neil on this one. Loving how the frayed sweater gives the otherwise clean cut look a bit of ruggedness.

    • Greg Lee

      Kudos to Jared as a fellow Australian but especially for making the high waist look great.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Still not fair adding the good doctor in here. It’s no contest, the doctor takes the prize. Also, how cold is it in Toronto?!

    • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

      Can we stop with that tie look!

    • Brett

      Hard to mess with the surgical precision of the good Doctor. On one hand, his style reminds me of the effortless class of my grandfather, sipping Scotch in the corner of family functions, and on the other, a target to which I can someday hope to emulate.

      And I love the pattern mixing from Jared.
      Well done, Gents.

    • http://www.apoormansmillions.com A Poor Mans Millions

      Thanks for the feature gents!

    • Stuart

      Giving the nod to Neil. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone pull off the cargo pants that casually. Well done.

    • http://www.timelessgent.com/ Timeless Gent

      Awesome looks!

      I like how pretty much every outfit had at least a touch of brown. Refreshing given what season we are in!

    • James Wong

      Always fall in love with Dan’s boots every time I see them!

    • http://www.streetxsprezza.wordpress.com Ethan W.

      I love Jared’s look! The tie looks pretty 1930’s to me and my vintage version is in the first look on my own feature.

      I would love the Doctor’s look, but I’m not a fan of a narrow button stance on DBs. Maybe its because I like the wider vintage style..

    • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

      Dan’s look is basically how I dress 95% of the time on my weekends and off days. I have never been a fan of the air tie, but the color (and fabric!) combination is, as always, impeccable.

      However, the Doc can never lose. The amount of admiration I have come to have for this man is infinite. Just one question, if you’re reading, Dr Churchwell. I have no experience with Dupioni silk and would like to ask you: how breathable is it? Would you recommend it for spring or summer use?

      A silly little correction, guys: the hat the Doc is wearing is technically a coconut porkpie, not a fedora.

    • cam

      my man, congrats on the new balance collabo!

    • TO

      Neil’s look is pretty sweet- love the frayed cashmere sweater with the subtle chest stripe. Dan, those trousers look pretty slim, are they an early bespoke piece? Seems like your more recent ones tend to have more allowance.

    • Sapprentice

      The doc’s look is, as always, on point. However, this week Dan comes op with another smart look which I really like. Not a big fan of the boots though.

      Have to give it to Dan this week. The look on his second pic is killer. Doc is a strong second.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Dan – killing it further!

    • AdamE

      Neil would have won it for me, had this been september (I know we had a few cooler days in Canada but not tweed/scarf weather…)…

      Have to go with the Doc, on point as always. Dan in second, with the monochrome. I’d gladly steal the jacket and shoes from Jared’s look, but not sure about some of the other elements (don’t like the tie, nor the red socks with the look).

      • http://www.apoormansmillions.com A Poor Mans Millions

        Thanks for the comments, the socks are orange. I guess they pop more than expected! Thanks again.

    • Miguel

      I’m going with Dan on this one, I like his monochrome look as he’s mixing different shades of brown.

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