What I Wore Today: Summer Transition

May 27th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Summer Transition”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.

    Angel Ramos


    Spring in NYC calls for a mean linen double-breasted jacket, a tropical wool trouser, a tortoise pair of frames, and a sockless slipper. Angel has been consistently rocking this look, power collar and all, for years now.



    Photography by Andrew Morales



    I’m a sucker for lightweight outerwear, especially unlined linen topcoats. Today it’s a simple black casual look with the focus on this badass green/black coat by our friend Alejandro. Nothing better than a look that can take you long into the night.


    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Vintage Ralph Lauren sunglasses via Kings of Past
    • Black polo shirt by Uniqlo
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Black distressed jeans by Beautiful Ful
    • “Jodhpur” leather ankle boots by ShoePassion.com

    Neil Watson


    Neil up in Toronto knows a thing or two about the menswear essentials. He knows that it doesn’t take a huge wardrobe to be immaculately dressed, just the right selection of pieces – like a trim cut navy suit, a white spread collar shirt, and a pair of smooth suede loafers. Extra points for the combination of accessories.


    Photography by Dani Lyn Ayee

    • Navy Worsted Wool Suit
    • Shirt by Eton
    • Pocket Square by Brunello Cucinelli
    • Suede loafers by Carmina
    • Canvas tote bag by Filson

    Rich Freshman


    Rich Freshman isn’t afraid to go out on a limb with his tailoring. How about a Southern California short suit in a grey glenplaid? Talk about “classic with a twist”. He’s also got a little “elderly chic” thing going on here with the low top velcro sneakers.




    Photography by Alex Crawford

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Christian

      Is it just me or do the pictures always come out blurry in the Style Guide section??

      • http://www.TSBmen.com/ Dan Trepanier

        It’s not just you… We’re working on it! Thanks Christian

        • Christian

          No, thank YOU! This is one of my favorite parts of the site! Thanks for getting back to me!

    • NicCagesHair

      Rich always in all ways

    • AdamE

      It was tight for me, I like both Rich and Neil’s looks, and either one of them could have easily won except… for the Velcro sneakers (people can hate on the short suit as much as they want, but the look is killer… if he had opted for Stan Smiths instead of the velcro, would have gotten my vote) and the clip on suspenders (can’t call them braces, when they’re clip ons…)…

      So with the penalty points calculated, the win goes to Dan. Angel’s look is solid, but very predictable (not that there’s anything wrong with having a predictable look, just makes it harder to stand out and get votes).

    • Sapprentice

      This one is quite hard. Both Neil and Angel look very on top. Hmm I’m going with Neil for this week.

    • Mxolisi

      That measuring tape has become boring.

    • Mxolisi

      That measuring has become boring.

    • http://www.streetxsprezza.wordpress.com Ethan W.

      Neil and Angel win for me. Love the DB and slippers on Angel and the gorgeous lapels on Neil’s suit. Classic.

    • TO

      About Rich Freshman- “Oh, he got the velcros…”

    • Taylor Huston

      Eh. This post has two things I can’t stand. Pants with holes in them, and clip on suspenders.

    • TO

      Dan today. I knew he would be feeling the linen+unlined topcoat when I clicked through the other day to see it on Beautiful Ful’s site. The vertical stripe on the sleeve of that topcoat is a great design to me- I love a chest striped sweater for example but usually don’t buy them because I don’t like how usually the stripes continue over on the sleeves, I think it looks too busy, so this to me is a clever stripe design.

    • Daniel

      Dan, then Neil, then Angel. I’m not wild about the Beautiful Ful ripped jeans (you guys have really been pushing the label lately, no?), but Dan’s coat is awesome.

      I think Rich Freshman’s velcro sneakers, shorts suit, baseball cap, and doodle-ish tattoos (how many times do you need to write versions of your name on yourself?) give off too much of a childish vibe. But props for taking risks, I guess.

      • Daniel

        *Angel Ramos ahead of Neil, because his pants seem to fit a little less snugly. But nice to see a higher rise on Neil’s pants!

    • cam


    • Eric

      Can someone provide insight on clip on braces? From what I recall, they are technically “wrong,” (in that button braces are optimal, at least for trouser durability) but I have also seen rather expensive braces (ex: Liverano/Liverano) that utilize the clips.

    • Colin Stro

      Angel looks like an absolute baller here. Italian vibes all over it.

      Also I gotta say I love what Dan is wearing. I like the outfit, but I am all about him getting back to basics a little bit, and away from tailored suits that have been rampant for a while. The jodhpur boots are killer as well. Always sharp.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Gotta disagree a little bit that Angel has been consistently rocking this look. Just a little bit. Angel has looked great for a long time, but his fit seems to me to be just a little more relaxed, and I think it makes a big difference. So I’m giving this one to him (in spite of the slippers, I really loathe slippers for no good reason). Psst… Dan – there’s a hole in your jeans. Sssh, I won’t tell anyone.

    • motaskah

      i like the first turquoise double breasted and the wasp pin but I don’t like the
      Sprezzatura at milan fashion week vibe cuase it’s predictable and boring. Dan wins for me cause he’s always trying something different and pushing the envelope. he fails like 40% of the time but when he gets it he hits it out of the the park.

      • Eric

        What exactly would you find “sprezzy” (agreed it is not something I like) about Angel’s rig?

        Admittedly, the blazer is an uncommon color, but nothing I would really consider over the top or showy…

    • Miguel

      I’m going with Mr. Angel Ramos today, that DB Linen Blazer it’s on point.

      Neal outfit is very nice also but I prefer Angel’s.

    • Bryan S

      Going with Angel on this one. Don’t know about those ripped jeans Dan, love the top coat though.

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