What I Wore Today: Spring Send-off

May 20th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Spring Send-off”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.

    Neil Watson – Toronto


    Neil Watson, editor of A&H magazine and the recent Risk Takers publication, knows a thing or two about being casually tailored. Today he’s breaking that Northern chill with a flannel double-breasted jacket over a denim-on-denim look, like a proud Canadian.


    Photography by Dani Lyn Ayee

    • Jeans by Dior – 19mm
    • Pocket square by Monsieur Fox
    • Denim cutaway shirt by G Inglese
    • Belt by Brunello Cucinelli
    • Suede chukka boots by Christian Kimber

    Dan – Los Angeles


    My good friend Angel Bespoke blessed me with this beautiful handmade sharkskin suit. It was actually cut bespoke for him – luckily we happen to be very similar in size. If there is anybody in the world I would swap clothing with, it would probably be him. Thanks again brother!



    Photography by Alex Crawford

    • Clubmaster sunglasses by Ray-Ban
    • Charcoal Worsted Wool Suit
    • Grey scoop neck t-shirt by Alexander Wang
    • Watch by Montblanc Timewalker Automatic
    • Black leather sneakers by Benjamin Daedfyshe

    Steven Santander – New York City


    Steven Santander wears browns and earth tones all year long, as proven by this dark khaki cotton suit. Extra points for the suit & sneakers combo as well. Nothing like a casually tailored gentleman.


    Photography by Dana Koenitzer

    • Brown Cotton Suit
    • Reversible down vest Vintage
    • Sneakers by Nike
    • Glasses by Gant
    • Shirt by H&M

    Andre Churchwell – Nashville


    Down in Tennessee the Dandy Doctor put together another classic menswear combination for a day of teaching at Vanderbilt University’s school of Medicine. As usual, his outfit comes with some great history behind it:

    1) The bespoke off-white suit is pure Duponi silk and it’s more than fifteen years old. It has been a staple in his hot-weather-focused wardrobe, and it still looks fantastic.

    2) The shoes are a bespoke copy of Fred Astaire’s spectators worn in The Bandwagon during the “Dancing in the Dark “ number.


    Photography by Barry Noland

    • Hat by Worth & Worth
    • Off White Silk Suit
    • Shirt by Phineas Cole
    • Tie by Turnbull & Asser
    • Spectator shoes Bespoke

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • http://Keyboardandcompass.com/ Jeff McAllister

      Congrats to everyone on four splendid looks here. WIWT is quickly becoming my favourite feature as the AoS cast broadens to the point that we’re never quite sure who will make an appearance.

      My vote here has to go to Dan, although I can’t really state any technical reasons for his look being surperior. I simply love my monochrome.

    • http://Mediaite.com/ Michael

      Dan done it good

    • AdamE

      All great looks. Neil nails it and makes you ignore the cliche of featuring a Canadian in the Canadian tuxedo… Full props for pulling off those monster lapels without looking costumey. I love Dan’s Monochromatic grey look (suit is killer!), and I’m a sucker for browns, so Steven’s look is solid too, but I’ll have to give the win to the good Dr. Churchwell. Whenever he’s on here, he nails the fit and has a great sense of what suits his body and persona. He provides a great example of what we all should strive for in defining our own look…

    • Eric

      Doc put y’all on game today. High waisted trousers for the win.

    • Stuart

      Four great looks.

      The casual sprezz of Dan’s all-charcoal look is too good.

    • tommyjohn_45

      Angel.. if you read this… I’m identical in size to Dan, and therefore very similar in size to you… Should you partake in any spring cleaning in the near future, feel free to keep me in mind my friend ;)

      My vote goes to Dan & Neil as well. Great looks all around.

    • Herbert Morrison

      Tie between Dan & Neal–big ting a gwan

    • NicCagesHair

      Dan looking like a modern day assassin. I love it. Andre also is a thumbs up.

    • Miguel

      I really like Neil’s outfit, it’s something I would wear almost everyday not name suit day, Dr. Churchwell almost got my vote but I’ll go with Neil on this one.

    • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

      This is definitely one of the best WIWT contests you guys have featured. Proof of this is how versatile and wearable all four outfits are, all the while retaining a great amount of personal style and character.

      Really loving Neil’s nonchalant denim-on-denim look (and I loved his feature from a while back even more,) while Steven’s use of colors is always very carefully thought out. The khaki suit + white sneakers combo is a classic, but revisited in an awesome way here with the orange puffer vest and lighter orange socks to pull the whole thing together.

      Dan’s outfit is great for me, as well, as I work in a department store where the dress code is “black clothing only” (although navy blue and charcoal are acceptable,) and this outfit finally convinced me to invest in a good pair of black sneakers. Wish Angel would gift me an awesome suit too, though, but oh well, haha!

      But, of course, whenever Dr. Churchwell is featured, my heart picks him as the winner. I cannot emphasize enough how well-fitted his clothes are. If you need proof that fit always comes first, this is it.

      The trousers are high-rise enough to reach his actual waist so as to accentuate his mid-point and slim down his hips and thighs and visually lengthen his legs. Also, even though pant break is a personal choice, this outfit makes a strong case for the “cuff, no break” mantra.

      The jacket is also spot-on and makes a strong case for the 3/2 roll (or 3/2.5 roll) with undarted chest. The jacket length is significantly longer than the sleeve length and completely covers the fly of the trousers, which again gives a lengthening effect to the wearer.

      Love everything about this man’s style, and this outfit particularly is exceptional. From the ivory/cream color of the magnificent Dupioni silk suit (which, from the cut, seems to have been made in Italy by Corneliani,) to the exquisite woven tie (whose colors are being picked up by the shirt and the red carnation,) to the Norwegian-style derby spectators, and, last but not least, to the tan-colored straw trilby, which seems to have been forgotten today, but was a must-have in the closet of many well-dressed gentleman in the 1920s and 30s.

      I know I’m repetitive, but your elegance really reminds me of the many stylish men illustrated on vintage magazines from about 80 years ago, Dr. Churchwell, as demonstrated on the picture below. Thank you again for an invaluable lesson, and thanks to the AoS team for bringing it to us.

      • TO

        Your knowledge of clothes never ceases to amaze me, Juan

        • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

          Thanks, TO! I’m working on putting it to use!

      • Dave Coakley

        Dope words mate. Real insight!

        • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

          Thanks man!

      • tommyjohn_45

        Haha.. Perfect illustration. I have a tie from my father that has a pattern of gents just like that, and it’s one of the first things I think of when I see the Dr.

        Great insight, as always, Juan. Cheers.

        • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

          I one day dream of sitting in the shade in an ivory suit with an Old Fashioned in one hand and cigar in the other, doing absolutely nothing haha! Thanks, tommyjohn!

      • http://www.streetxsprezza.wordpress.com Ethan W.

        I must have a 1930’s cream flannel suit! And an original optimo panama!

        • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

          You and me both, brother! Though I’m afraid a natural-colored Optimo woven in Ecuador may run a wee bit expensive nowadays. Might have to settle for a coconut straw like Dr. Churchwell.

          • TO

            Can you and/or Ethan expand on the best options for Panama hats- I really want one, but don’t the heirarchy of the best brands. I’m willing to invest and want the best value, but I’m not ready to shell out $800 for a
            genuine Montecristi like the one Dan showed in his friend Nick Fouquet’s video.

            • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

              Hey TO! No need to shell out $800 for a Montecristi, as not every genuine Montecristi is worth that much. Generally, you want to avoid “superfino” and “ultrafino” Panamas, as they’re woven very tightly (sometimes up to 50 rows of weave per inch, or 2000-2500 weaves per square inch) and require twice or three times the labor a “fino regular” or “regular” hat requires, as the final product resembles more a sort of fine and airy cloth rather than a set of woven straw fibers.

              If you want a hat that’s finely woven, very rollable and shapeable, yet still affordable, scour eBay inserting the key word “Montecristi” and you’ll find traditional Optimos and Fedoras for about $100, which is a very good price if you ask me. For something even more affordable, but still authentic, getting a hat from Cuenca is probably your best bet. There’s a guy on eBay who goes by the name “panamahatshop” who sells some very nice ones (including Optimos, Fedoras, Gamblers and Havanas) ofr about $50.

              Hope this was of help!

          • http://www.streetxsprezza.wordpress.com Ethan W.

            Mine was actually found on Ebay for much cheapter than I thought! However, my Optimo isn’t something I wear with modern clothes.

    • TO

      Hard to vote this time. Neil looks great as he always does, great pocket square; that sharkskin suit is amazing, what are those lapel like 5″ and you pull it off easily, and it’s nice to see the montblanc highlighted with a black leather band to complete the dope monochromatic ensemble; very ‘modern’ look not used to seeing on Steven but he rocks it man-bun and all and well the doctor is crushing it as per usual.

      Haha, it will be funny timing when you get to my email Dan, there was obviously a bit of confusion– but if ya like it I got a more stuff for ya!

    • Sam Parrish

      I think Dr. Churchwell takes it again. What I like about his style is that, while certainly vintage inspired, he never looks like he’d be out of place in any era, and that to me is the mark of an eternally stylish gentleman.

    • Shawn

      Dr. Churchwell remains the big winner in this game, although I love Dan’s outfit too (if Mr. Ramos want to bless me with his old suits, I’m taker – although I don’t think we share the same measurements, tho)!

      Quick question regarding Dr. Churchwell’s outfit: you mention his pure silk suit being a staple in his hot weather attire – here I thought silk wore pretty hot, much like cashmere, and was more of a cold weather thing. Was I wrong this whole time?

      Anytime you want to feature Dr. Churchwell again, I’d be grateful! Always enjoy his style!

      • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

        Silk is very lightweight and delicate when first unraveled from the silk worms’ cocoons, it is the treatment typically used to make it more durable, shiny and soft to the hand that makes it run hot.

        This is why, originally, silk linings were used for heavy tweed suits and flannel winter overcoats, but generally, raw silk, especially woven in a somewhat loose weave, is ideal for spring and summer and very similar to linen in weight and feel. Dupioni silk is a bit heavier and more tightly-woven than, say Matka silk (which is the ultimate and most luxurious summer suiting fabric,) but it still works well if partially or completely unlined.

        • Shawn

          Thanks Juan, I really appreciate your knowledge on fabrics! You also seems to share my appreciation for Dr. Churchwell’s fits, and it’s great to see he gets the praises he deserves!

    • Don Draper

      Have to go with Mr. Watson this round. His outfit exemplifies the word sprezzatura. The only thing I don’t like is the belt, a medium brown or black woven belt would’ve been a much better fit in my opinion.

    • Sapprentice

      This is probably one of my favorite WIWTs. Everyone looks sharp as hell. Last time my vote went to the Doc. with his impeccable style. This week my vote goes to Dan.

      I love the monochromatic look, the details (the single pleats) and the fact that you wear the trousers with a little less than no break. Very sharp look Dan!

    • Dave Coakley

      Andre’s style is unmatched. This gentleman always looks incredible.

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