The Non-Denim Trucker Jacket

April 27th, 2015

The classic American trucker jacket is a wardrobe staple that’s perfect for Spring layering (although you can also use it to insulate a larger jacket or even a blazer, which has become something of a micro trend).

Most commonly seen in denim, as in the classic Levi’s Trucker, this versatile jacket design has been replicated in just about every fabric known to menswear. To get you thinking, here are three trucker jackets that are a little more style-forward than the traditional denim version.

    Cream Stretch Cotton

    mensstyletruckerjackets (2 of 28)

    A cream or off-white jacket in a lightweight cotton looks very smooth on a cool Spring day, especially combined with other pale neutrals like beige and heather grey.

    Whichever fabrication you chose, make sure the trucker jacket fits slim through the body, narrow through the sleeves with high armholes, and the hem hits just a few inches below the waist.

    mensstyletruckerjackets (4 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (6 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (7 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (8 of 28)

    • Vintage Ralph Lauren sunglasses via Kings of Past
    • Off-white stretch cotton trucker jacket by Reiss
    • Hand knit sweater by Gucci
    • Green striped oxford shirt by Gitman Brothers
    • Tropical wool trousers by Hugo Boss
    • Suede loafers by Ralph Lauren

    Vintage Khaki Twill

    mensstyletruckerjackets (10 of 28)

    For the less “clean and pristine” crowd, I recommend going vintage. You can find these jackets just about anywhere…you just might have to take them to the tailor to slim down the body (remember you can’t lengthen the sleeves, unfortunately).

    I found this one in a vintage warehouse and loved the color. My plan was to have it slimmed down, but the slightly boxy and oversized look grey on me. It works well with a casual shirt that has some character (like this paint splattered denim band collar) and a trim chino.

    mensstyletruckerjackets (13 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (15 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (17 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (16 of 28)

    • Shades by Steven Alan
    • Khaki twill cotton trucker by Lee (Vintage)
    • Denim band collar shirt by Gucci
    • Light grey cotton chinos
    • Suede ankle boots by Jack Erwin

    Lightweight Blue Suede

    mensstyletruckerjackets (18 of 28)


    I love me a suede trucker jacket, especially one that is lightweight and unlined. This one is so light that it literally blows in the wind, making it the perfect “casual luxe” jacket for a night out near the beach.

    If you’re struggling with “business casual” outfits (well, first, you should be using the Style Guide) than get yourself a well-fitted trucker jacket in a non-denim fabric (something a little more suave, perhaps) and pair it with a simple fitted oxford, a tailored trouser, and a contrast waistcoat. And don’t forget to mix up the fabrics – here I’m combining pieces from Fall/Winter (flannel lapel waistcoat) and Spring/Summer (pure linen trousers) to find the perfect in-between weight.

    mensstyletruckerjackets (24 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (25 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (27 of 28)mensstyletruckerjackets (28 of 28)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Ilya

      It’s surprising not to see a trucker jacket in corduroy, the second most common fabric for this type of garment after denim.

    • Max BornInTheNineties

      That off-white Reiss jacket is currently in a Mexican stand-off with my bank account.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Hahaha. That was awesome.

    • Genuine Men’s Mag

      Man those jodhpur boots… Shame JE doesn’t make them anymore. Love look 1. Great feel. Great work as always Dan.

      • Dan Trepanier

        I know. Was surprised to see them drop that style…

    • ChrisD

      I really enjoy my denim truckers, this has me looking at more now.
      They feel great when the fit is right, offer great pocket space, and don’t need to be babied (mind you i don’t pay $300+ for mine :))

    • TheWolvesden

      Flames. All of the fits. The first one especially hits me cause the tones are so close to one another between the jacket and the sweater. Love that, and with the grey trousers it makes the outfit feel soft. Like a slightly out of focus picture. And it seems that the brown suede loafers work double duty. I guess I really just need to cave and get one for myself (although not in suede, but I hope that doesn’t limit the versatility). Whats neat about the last jacket is the shade of blue, its a shade of blue you guys don’t normally highlight when talking about blue and it’s versatility and I always saw it as more sporty because of that, it’s cool to see that it can still be pulled off in a business casual setting.

    • Juan Zara

      Wow, the first look is so clean! Love how put together it is while still using such “rough” and indelicate fabrics such as the widely-knit sweater and the oxford shirt, not to mention the heavy cotton twill of the trucker jacket itself.

      Love all three of the jackets to be honest, though the French blue suede piece takes the cake for its rarity and for just how well it works. I really gotta get me a suede jacket! Thanks to this and the post on suede bombers, it’s all I think about!

      Also, quick question for Alex. The photos look awesome, man! With every new article, they seem to get better and better.
      Do you mind me asking about your equipment? I’m currently hunting for a new DSLR, and was thinking about taking the leap and getting a full-frame camera. I was wondering, what is/are your weapon/s of choice?

      • Alex Crawford

        Thanks Juan! I’m a big advocate for full frame cameras. I currently use a Nikon D700, but am upgrading to the D750 soon. I almost exclusively use the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, occasionally switching to my 50mm f/1.4 for wider shots or low light situations.

        • Juan Zara

          Thanks for the quick reply, Alex! I especially appreciate the lens recommendations, as I tend to shoot lots of landscapes, so I was looking to get something with a wider angle, but have fooled around with a friend’s Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 over the past few days and was amazed by the sharpness of the pictures. Thanks again, man!

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