Game Day Style feat. Marcedes Lewis

April 20th, 2015

My basketball trainer always made sure I never went more than two weeks without getting my hair cut. “A tight skin fade that looks tough…and a little hood“. That was the cut that would bring me the most cred on the court, and, more importantly, in my own freshly-alcohol-wiped head. I was the type of competitor who was looking for any advantage I could find, so I never missed a visit to that barber shop. There was a time when I could swear the level of my play depended on the freshness of my cut. If my guy cut me the night before, we were getting the W. If he cut me the morning of the game, I was going off for 40.

“When you look good, you play good”. It’s an old saying that’s not only true, but can also be applied to just about any situation in life. “Dressing for Success” is one part psychological edge and mental preparedness, and one part convincing others (teammates as well as opponents) to believe that you are fully capable and confident about the outcome. The confidence that comes from looking good can be transferred directly to your performance, whether you’re in a big meeting at work, out on a hot date, or getting ready for the opening kick.

Marcedes Lewis knows this as well as anybody, as a ten year veteran of the NFL who walks into the arena prepared for success in custom tailored suits, Tom Ford ties, and Saint Laurent shoes. Thanks to our friend Brandon Williams we got a chance to hang with Marcedes at his alma mater UCLA (where he was an All-American tight end) to talk football, menswear, and how to be properly tailored at 6’6 275.

    1. Finding the Right Fit


    At 6’6 275 lbs you can forget off-the-rack suits. Unless you want to look 6’6 375 lbs.

    All of Marcedes’ suits are custom tailored for him, which makes a world of difference. On an athletic body there is nothing that will look more flattering than custom tailoring. If you work hard to achieve a chiseled physique, you should reward yourself by wearing clothes that show-off that hard work. Buying a size XXXL is a slap in the face to a guy who has a 46″ chest and a 37″ stomach.

    For dress shirts he can find them off-the-rack in the correct collar/sleeve combination. He just needs to have them taken-in quite a bit at the sides; a relatively easy alteration that can transform the fit of a shirt.


    The gold Rolex is a brilliant timepiece choice.


    A shoe that throws a nod to classic menswear, is comfortable to move in, and has a chunky athletic-inspired sole is the perfect choice for a strong physique.


    • Grey Glenplaid Suit
    • Grey Stripe Cutaway Shirt by RL Purple Label
    • Navy Knit Tie by Tom Ford
    • Pocket square by Pocket Square Clothing
    • Gold watch by Rolex
    • Loafers by Louis Vuitton

    2. Fashion in the NFL


    “I think the growth of social media has made NFL players more aware of fashion. In my ten years of playing professionally, I’ve definitely seen more players incorporate more than just athletic wear into their wardrobes and I think it’s because fashion ideas are more readily accessible…

    I live in LA during the off season so I’m constantly surrounded by the fashions emerging there. Other players on our team aren’t from big cities so they aren’t as submerged into the fashion world. In our locker room you have some guys who embrace it more than the others…but I don’t think the NFL has fashion icons like the NBA…yet. ”

    When asked about who the best-dressed players in the league were; “To be honest I pay more attention to what Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Kevin Durant are wearing”. Regardless, he’s making a case for NFL style in this orange/green windowpane double-breasted piece.


    • White cutaway collar shirt by Ralph Lauren Purple Label
    • Orange Windowpane Suit Custom
    • Vintage Persol sunglasses by Kings of Past
    • Gold watch by Rolex
    • Gold tie bar Vintage
    • Shoes by Louis Vuitton

    3. Taking Risks & Enjoying Style


    As an athlete (and entertainer) you have to show some versatility, take some risks, and enjoy the ride. Off the field it’s not all about suits and ties for Marcedes. He has a edgier side – with a hip Downtown LA vibe – that he blends smoothly with his custom-fit tailored pieces.

    “On the casual side Yeezy’s and long layering pieces or my go-tos… some of my favorites are from places like H. Lorenzo, and Oak NYC“.

    640-7 640-8 640-9

    Thanks, as always, for reading and special thanks to Marcedes, Brandon, Will at UCLA, and everyone involved who made this shoot happen. 

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Juan Zara

      Not to be a buzz kill, but all three suits are pretty badly cut, especially the shoulders, sleeves and armholes (visible divots and tightness in the upper arms; a flexed bicep should not be visible through a suit,) not to mention there seems to be some considerable chest gap, most notably in look 2 (which is unacceptable for a bespoke suit,) and ALL of the pockets are poorly cut and positioned.

      Pay attention to the third suit’s waist flaps, the patch pockets on the second suit (which were positioned too much to the right and at a wrong angle and seem to be too large,) and all of the chest pockets, which skilled tailors cut in a “barchetta” shape for good reason, i.e. so they don’t end up looking incongruous with the rest of the suit, like these do.

      Also, while I agree some things are subject to the wearer’s (or the tailor’s) preferences, what I can only assume is a 3″ lapel on a guy with a 46″ chest doesn’t look very balanced, nor does a chopped tail or a button stance positioned higher than the natural waist (these last two apply to pretty much every guy, actually.)

      Just my 0.02.

      • TO

        Juan you are being way too picky in my opinion man, even for a knowledgable Milanese gent like yourself. If you look at this article and that is all that’s going through your head and you can’t appreciate how good this man looks in these beautiful suits, then you are overthinking it, again in my opinion.
        What about the nice amount of drape on the thighs which so many “fashionable” athletes, or non-athletes for that matter, don’t have nowadays; the stunning color stories (from monochromatic in the first to a genius mixing of colours in the second to a color blocked suit(?!) in the third). while you might have a couple of fine detail points about a pocket being a cm off here or there, I really don’t think it affects the overall image here.

        • Juan Zara

          Hey TO,

          I agree there’s a lot more to save than to condemn here. I guess I just can’t justify a bespoke clothier producing a suit with such noticeable flaws (and I’m not even talking about the questionable decisions, such as the overly-trendy high button stance, short tail, short sleeve combo everyone should be exorbitantly tired of by now.)

          He definitely looks good, there’s no question about that. But he could look much better, and feel much better in those suits had they been cut the right way. Take a look at the second picture of the last look. Does the large armhole, large chest, badly-cut shoulder, high button-stance combo really look comfortable?

          Had they been OTR suits there’d be nothing but praise coming from me, considering the cirmustances (i.e. the “difficult” body type our guest has been graced with). But I always expect the best from a bespoke tailor, and so should (even more so) his customers.

          Again, just my 0.02.

          • Papi Moscow

            -this guy is definitely 1 of the more stylish football players out there
            for sure. He might just have to switch tailoring houses.
            -I see & agree with most of your points. I disagree on look # 3 though. I think most of the problem is his posture in that particular pic. That combined with the type of wool used for what should be a spring/summer suit is creating the shoulder issue on both arms
            -A LOT of U.S “Bespoke” tailors are really MTM marketed as Bespoke, which isn’t the worst crime on earth, but its pretty close…jk.

        • Papi Moscow

          -“Picky” yes & no. Bespoke is the HIGHEST standard of suit making. So if a tailor is claiming they make Bespoke suits, there really isn’t room for any error.
          -If you look at look #1 in pics 1 & 2 there is considerable chest gap on his right (our left) side. Shouldn’t even happen on a MTM.
          -I like the fabrics & color combos of all 3 looks. Not a fan of the trendy rick owensy long t shirt, but thats a personal preference.

          • TO

            I really don’t see any chest gap in look #1. I said that the long tee doesn’t do it for me, either

    • David

      Love all three looks! Although like several people have mentioned I’m not sold on the long shirt in look 3, the suit is killer though!

    • AdamE

      #1 and #2 are killing it. The mega-long T-shirt/T-Skirt thing in #3 isn’t for me. The first thing that came to mind with the suit in #3 was impeccably tailored Freddy Krueger…

    • Rob

      I played D1, and I understand what he is talking about, dumb concept, but I understand….

      • Dan Trepanier

        Well it sounds like we know how to settle this… Let me just hit the barber shop real quick.

        • Rob

          LOL, it comes off as I’m knocking your psychological mindset, and I guess, partially I am. I have never understood this train of thought in sport? To me it seems we get involved in appearance, but the teams and players focused on the game, always seem to have the advantage, in basketball case-and-point, the Spurs.

          • Jay

            Holy crap you’re taking this way too serious dude….

          • Eric

            Look good…feel good…play good. Having such a mindset doesn’t at all detract from one’s ability to focus on the game.

            We’re switching sports, but I think anyone with a lick of footballing knowledge would say Cristiano Ronaldo is pretty damn good (massive understatement), and I guaran-damn-tee homeboy cares about how he looks when he steps out on the pitch.

            There’s nothing dumb about the concept.

          • khordkutta

            Parker Ginobli and Duncan typically get fresh cuts for the playoffs as does most of the NBA, not the NHL homie..just sayin

            • Rob

              ummmm…. the exact opposite occurs actually.

    • TO

      The first two outfits are absolutely sublime. Literally two of the best suited looks I think I have ever seen. Just absolutely awesome suit fabrics and pattern mixing with the perfect fit. The third suit is amazing too and had a regular black tee (the longer one doesn’t work for me) been opted for I would be arguing this as the best trio of suited looks ever on a guest feature on this site. Damn. BWills shines like crazy on this one.

      • Dan Trepanier

        Thanks TO. Shout out to BWills for holding his clients down!

    • tommyjohn_45

      Love look one… and that tie in look two is great.

    • Herb

      To quote Andre
      Your white tee, well to me, look like a nightgown / Make your Momma proud, take that thing two sizes down

    • Bob

      yes, I’m sure looking a little hood is what allows you to achieve so much success playing basketball on the mean streets of Columbia University.

      • Jeff P.

        Lewis is from Long Beach and went to UCLA.

        • cam

          reading the article is fun too

          • Dan Trepanier

            Thanks Cam!

        • Rob

          The blog is more than pictures, it has words too!!!!!

      • Dan Trepanier

        LOL! Why you mad?

    • cam

      some very well tailored looks with a great fit. its a shame on #3 though bc it couldve been so good with a regular length black tshirt. as bad as it looks from the front, i can only imagine how much worse it looks from the back. oh, and i need that rolex! so classic as opposed to some of the gaudy pieces most athletes wear.

    • Dino

      Everything but the last look. I really don’t like the shapes of the third combination. Thought he was wearing a skirt or something at first.

      other than that, I like the suits.