5 Cool Ways to Layer a Cardigan

April 8th, 2015

As the weather slowly warms up for Spring, it’s time to put away your heavy coats and lighten up your knitwear. A thin cardigan is the perfect sweater for in-between seasons, and the right one will work with just about all of the essentials that you’ve been adding to  your closet.

Here are some cool ways to layer it during this transition period.

Suit & Tee


Tank Top & Cargos


Thin Turtle & Topcoat


Silk Scarf & Trousers


Band Collar & Waistcoat


Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Eddie Campos

    Everything is on point but I could definitely see myself in outfit #2 can we get the details!?

  • AdamE

    Think of a cardigan like a waistcoat or a blazer, and then use it similarly (works for the uses of either when layering)… a heftier cardigan can also take over some hoodie/shacket type uses as well. And please don’t call them cardis… as far as I’m concerned cardis are women’s cardigans… I have a couple of great cardigans, thin ones and chunky one, and they make great layering pieces… I could almost live in a chunky cardigan all winter if it were up to me…

  • Richard

    Man, I’m not looking for any attacks or anything. Just saying, I wish you would go back to the DT we all emulated (I miss that DT). DT now is less referent of the majority of his long standing followership. E.g I saw the ‘Tank top and Cargos pic’ and was elated! The high fashion, beard and stuff isn’t what we would emulate in our (readers) everyday life. And the style features these days too, a very eccentric bunch. So the identity is kinda off a little. But I get that’s what you love now. So its your call, what you want vs what your customers want. In the real life, its a hard choice to make. Nothing but love for you bud!

  • TO

    I have been feeling lately a shawl collar cardi over a hoody (that I actually cut the sleeves off so it’s less bulky as a layer). I think it’s a good in-between move that’s a little bit unexpected.

  • David

    Really like all the looks but #’s 1 and 5 are my top picks. oh, where did you get that hat in look 5? I really like it and want to change it up from my black felt to one that feels a little less formal.

  • Antonio López

    Couldn’t have come in a better time, I recently purchased a cardigan and I’ve been thinking how to wear it. Thank you.

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