What I Wore Today: Bespoke & Vintage

April 9th, 2015

Rule #1 of Articles of Style: bring your “A Game” every day!

“Bespoke & Vintage”

Use the comments section below to tell us who’s style you’re appreciating today.



    Brandon Williams, LA-based personal stylist to NBA and NFL stars, had to cut himself a sleek double-breasted linen suit to keep up with his fresh new wheels.

    Who new a teal suit could look so smooth? Well played, player.




    • Sky Blue Linen Suit
    • Shirt by Zara
    • Loafers by Louis Vuitton
    • Pocket square by Pocket Square Clothing



    My style often goes through themes along with our editorial cycle. Some items remain top of mind I guess. Right now I’m stuck on tailored denim shirts – they are incredible versatile. They’re also very comfortable in the sense that they provide an ease of mind. Like a good pair of jeans, you don’t really have to worry about smudging them are getting them a little dirty.

    I also had to get at least one wear out of this vintage military officer’s coat, which I bought at the Rose Bowl flea market from the same guy that supplied Will’s one-of-a-kind vintage topcoat.






    Khaled only has one speed. Here he shows us how to wear beautifully handmade bespoke garments on a casual off day. As always, with the smooth color palette.

    What I love about this look is that it’s centered around a well-crafted trouser…they are a rarity in the landscape of menswear it seems.




    • Navy Wool Jacket
    • Tee by Sunspel
    • Light Blue Trousers Bespoke Sample
    • Loafers by Santoni



    It was about time we brought Alex, our photographer and Art Director, back in front of the camera. The guy has been crushing it, both behind the lens and in the streets of LA. He’s also finally able to grow facial hair – how exciting!

    We often say that personal style should be influenced by your experiences and your surroundings… Well if this isn’t a Texas rancher, turned NYC art student, turn Cali menswear hippie…then I don’t know what is.


    • Sunglasses by Ray-Ban
    • Paisley shirt
    • Orange micro-suede jacket Vintage
    • Beige Cardigan by Uniqlo
    • Blue Jeans by Uniqlo
    • Suede bucks by Bass

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Hugh

      Alex is incredible here, so happy to see him back!

    • Chris

      Everyone looks spot on in this shoot. I REALLY dig Dan’s look. But, Alex crushes it!!! I want to hang out with Alex, simply based on his look.

    • http://www.lucidlingo.com.au/ Gazman

      If you wear pants with belt loops shouldn’t you wear a belt (or at least suspenders)?

    • Max BornInTheNineties

      Brandon. That’s the best suit I’ve seen in ages.

    • Mirko

      Hey Alex, what products do you use for your hair?
      Looks great ;)

    • Scott

      Alex…the Flow…its over, he wins!

    • Nick_L

      Have to go with Brandon and I don’t think it is close. Also, the dude has one of the best Instagram accounts going.

    • Stuart

      Alex with his suede bucks and vintage jacket. Love the combination.

      Unrelated note: knew vs. new.

    • TO

      Alex, cool jacket brother! I love the colour. Dan that’s a great coat and a timeless men’s look. Don’t think I ever saw Khaled so “dressed down” but he executed it using Bespoke really really well. The fit on Mr. Williams suit is sublime. Great all around, gents!

    • JimmyLotts

      I like this blog a lot. But using “homey” and “player” in reference to Brandon feels wrong to me. He sure looks like a succesfull professional, and those terms seem to nod towards his skin color more than anything else in the short description.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Also, seriously guys, are we posing on the hoods of sports cars now? Really?

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        You better believe that as soon as I get my blacked out 1977 Ford Bronco I’m going to be posing all over that thing.

        • JoeFromTexas

          LOL – So long as you’re wearing daisy dukes (with a frayed hem, obviously). I think I have an old Lowrider magazine with that same centerfold…

    • JoeFromTexas

      I’m voting for Alex. I’m also voting for an Alex retrospective post to be put together.

    • Ryan


    • Erik

      Brandon is the show stopper here. Not many guys could pull that off, but he crushes it here.

    • Herbert Morrison

      It’s Khaled today for the simple fact that few make pleated pants look fresher than him. That look says, “I’m serious about mine, I’m so sincere”.

    • tommyjohn_45

      HA! Alex, looks like you’re suiting up to steal Mark Wahlberg’s role as Dirk Diggler in a remake of Boogie Nights! Gotta give him the vote, as it’s been a treat seeing his transformation over the years.

      Dan, killer find on that jacket man… I always get in the mood to go hunting for diamonds after seeing some of the vintage items you guys land.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Ladies often tell me that I remind them Dirk Diggler…

        Thanks for the vote tommyjohn!

      • Eric

        Wish I could up the Alex comment 10X over lol

        • tommyjohn_45

          Seriously.. hahahaha

    • Shawn

      I vote for the Jag, anytime! It doesn’t hurt that the suit is on point, too. I just quite hate those loafers, the shape doesn’t appeal to me at all.

      Khaled, very nice as usual!

    • AdamE

      All good looks, and good to see Alex back, that said, I have to go with Khaled, simply because I can relate to it (in fact I have worn virtually the same look, and actually was planning to sport it tomorrow, slightly different details (boat shoes vs. loafers, slightly more casual, shorter cut blazer… and no pleats/cuff on the trousers…), but same idea… and I’d issue a yellow card to Brandon for his look, he nails the look, but one might question the inclusion of that sweet ride as a potential tactic to lure votes…

    • Jeanscuffed

      Man Brandon crushed it this time around. Dude looks like absolute money plus his ensemble says Spring time. Khaled’s does as well but Brandon’s teal suit really brought it home. Job well done fellas.

      On another note, I will agree with the rest of the viewers on Alex’s transformation over the years of AoS. I’m not going to lie, at first I was like is this guy going to keep up with the rest? Alex has really showed up and showed out over the years and it’s great to see him come into his own with all the different influences and such. Hats off to you sir.

      • http://tsbmen.com/ Alex Crawford

        Ha, thanks man!

    • cam

      khaled with the trim pleated trousers

    • Harrison Krupnick

      Although I’d never wear it in its entirety, I can appreciate the aesthetic Alex has achieved. I think it’s the most well done here because Brandon, Dan, and Khaled all took a simplistic approach and added some flair (Dan’s coat, Brandon’s color choice, and Khaled’s perfectionist tailoring).

    • Miguel

      I have to go with Khaled, he’s outfit details what SS season is all about, the colors, combo and those trousers, on point.

      Second I’ll go with Brandon, love me some Linen, specially those funky colors like teal.

    • Loscv29

      Damn… it’s so dope to have witnessed Alex’s transformation over the years.

    • Sapprentice

      I very much appreciate Khaled’s outfit. It might be biased, but as a European I like my stuff cut to the bone. Next to that, I also like the different shades of blue that he used to ‘build’ his look. Makes me think of spring! Dan comes in at a strong second place.

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