What I Wore Today: Bi-Coastal Tailoring

February 24th, 2015

What I Wore Today” is about real guys in their real clothes. This week I’m tapping two guys that I think always consistently bring their A-game.

“Bi-Coastal Tailoring”

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    mensstyledan (5 of 9)

    It’s a gloomy “winter” day in downtown LA. I’m taking this opportunity to break out a mustard yellow hemp/wool/cashmere jacket, a forest green donegal tweed waistcoat, a brown gingham shirt, a taupe suit trouser, and a chocolate suede tassel slipper.

    mensstyledan (7 of 9)

    I’m all about soft-shouldered seasonal tailoring and I love hand-finished details, like the pic stitching down the outseam of these Angel Bespoke trousers.

    mensstyledan (8 of 9)mensstyledan (9 of 9)


    mensstylewes (1 of 4)

    Wes always looks sharp and often proves that in menswear less is more.

    Today he’s putting his own spin on the color mustard, in the form of a trim wool turtleneck under a mean double-breasted bespoke suit. Extra points for the tortoise buttons and the Italian-made wingtips. Well played, player.

    mensstylewes (2 of 4) mensstylewes (3 of 4) mensstylewes (4 of 4)

    • Mustard turtleneck by Uniqlo
    • Blue Double Breasted Suit
    • Pocket Square Vintage
    • Brown leather wingtip brogues by Scarpe di Bianco

    Angel & Faith

    mensstyleangel (13 of 17)

    In my opinion, Angel Ramos is one of the best-dressed guys in the business. Everybody can take cues from his “sprezzy”, comfortably-tailored style, even his beautiful wife Faith who can sometimes be seen borrowing his signature cashmere overcoats.

    To beat the serious cold in NYC Angel uses a fur felt fedora, a genuine alpaca overcoat, a tweed/cashmere windowpane sportcoat, a heavy broadcloth shirt, a pure cashmere tie, a grey flannel trouser, and an insulated leather alpine boot.

    mensstyleangel (15 of 17)

    In menswear circles Angel is well known for his specific brand of bespoke tailoring, which typically involves a vary tasteful blend of textures and colors.

    mensstyleangel (16 of 17)

    You won’t see too many coats that have this level of detail, in this lush of a fabric.

    It takes a real artisan to work with this stuff. That’s pure alpaca!

    mensstyleangel (17 of 17)mensstyleangel (14 of 17)

    Thanks, as always, for reading.

    Yours in style,

    Dan Trepanier

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    • Stuart

      Wes, what’s going on with the pant cuffs? I really like them but haven’t seen the picked stitching used like that before.

    • Master Pee

      goddamn. just … goddamn.

    • JoeFromTexas

      Angel always looks good, especially considering he made it all himself. And damn Wes for making me rethink my aversion to turtlenecks – I hate turtlenecks, but have to admit Wes looks fly. However, I gotta give the prize to Dan for the odd three piece. Each part a different texture and color and yet it all harmonizes juts right.

    • Jeanscuffed

      Wes is smooth AF! I’ll go with his outfit.
      I have a question for Angel: I see the hems of your pants are hemmed to hit the top of your boot. Are those pants ONLY made for boots because (unless it’s a personal style of yours) wearing them with a loafer or low top shoe would show major gap between hem and shoe. I’ve always wondered this.

    • Tom

      Look 3:

      This context of a tie with tight tapered high hemmed pants and alpine boots is best classified as “hipster bullshit”. Appeals to the same crowd as fun socks. As though someone has just read GQ Rules 2009 and use words like dapper or sprezz.

      Context is a virtue in the year 2015

      • Tom

        The “Jersey Shore” #menswear equivalent

    • Tony Bannister

      Dan in donegal tweed is always going to win.

    • Shawn

      Always love it when Mr Ramos is featured on AOS. One of my top tier, for sure, along with Mr Nasr, whom I both follow religiously on Instagram for inspiration!

      On a side note, as much as I love winter fabrics and textures, I can’t wait for Spring, this year. It’s been an epic year in term of subzero freezing temperatures where I live (Quebec), time for a change!

    • tommyjohn_45

      Daaaaaamn, you’re all killing it today. I agree with Juan, the contrast in textures between Dan and Angel are perfection. Gotta give the tie to them two. I see Dan wanted a little revenge after Wes stole the show in the leather jacket shootout.

      Can’t say how big a fan I am of Angel’s work. Hope to one day be able to own some. Can’t decide what I love more between the tie, sport coat or trouser. Keep doing your thing my man.

    • David

      angel’s trousers are always cut so damn clean. love that silhouette. nice work all around.

    • http://ledebonnaire.tumblr.com/ Juan Zara

      It’s all about contrast in the textures, and both Dan and Angel nailed it in that department. I still love Wes’ look though, and frankly he could’ve easily won this thing had he put on a brown textured overcoat on top of the suit. Love the patina on the Di Biancos!

      Glad to see WIWT back! More of this, please! More Dan, more Wes, more Angel!

    • James Wong

      Love Wes’ look but his first photo and pose just looks… Odd!

    • Bryan S

      Glad to see WIWT back again. Have to go with Angel, loving every texture in the look. Props to Dan’s jacket waistcoat combo.

    • Herbert Morrison

      It’s the big homie Dan today.

    • AdamE

      Pretty much a 3 way draw, but I’ll give it to Wes by a very narrow margin… I have to agree that his look does look like an art thief in a great way…

    • LouCaves

      Three-way tie.

      Angel, starting over on the beard?

      Thanks, AOS

    • TO

      This is as big of a toss-up as I’ve seen on WIWT (so glad that it’s back!!). Dan squeaks it out with perfect pant crease and amazing 1-2 fabric combo with that blazer and waistcoat.

    • Miguel

      All three bought they’re A game today, great outfit all around but have to go to Angel and Faith, the best stylish couple in NYC and of the same faith, points for that.

    • khordkutta

      Wes looks like an art thief…in a great way.

    • cam

      Angel schmurda’d it. Curious who his boots are by?

      • http://angelbespoke.tumblr.com/ Angel Ramos

        Thanks brother, custom Scarpe Dibianco hiker boots

    • http://norskegentlemen.com/ NorskeGentlemen.com

      All are sharp! But Angel got my vote.

    • Max BornInTheNineties

      Angel & Faith are the most beautiful couple ever… 0_0

    • AFH

      The gingham shirt is such an underrated menswear staple – it always works.

      I’m really not sure about the brown jacket – grey trousers thing. It looks really old man to me; Angel’s awesome coat makes it work but I still don’t get it.

      I thought Wes’ suit was green at first. Is it just the light, or is it a greeny blue? Blue and yellow is a fun combo, but can be quite hard to pull off. Yellow and green are easier bedfellows.

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