ASK DAN: Man-icures, Couples’ Style, Deodorant Stains

February 10th, 2015


Some of our favorite style questions from this week, answered.

Q: It’s cold out and my nails are looking all dry and splitty. My girlfriend thinks I need a manicure… Is it “okay” for a man to sit among the women at the nail salon? Feels a little awkward, no?

A: Absolutely okay. Plenty of “manly men” get manicures. Michael Jordan used to get them weekly while in-season to keep his hands fresh and ready for game day. Back in the day, in our grandfathers generation, they used to offer “hand care” at old-school barber shops, too. Don’t get them painted, obviously, just cleaned up. Then the trick is keeping them moisturized. Better to have hands that your lady wants you to touch her with, than be the hard-headed guy with the nasty bleeding fingernails.

Q: When going out with my girlfriend I sometimes get confused about what to wear, in relation to her outfit. Should we match colors, wear complimentary colors, contrasting colors, etc. It seems our outfits always compete with each other or are disjointed, but I don’t want to look too much like duet band either… Please advise!

A: Usually I ask her what colors she’s wearing, and how formal she’s getting. From there, I match her formality and wear colors of the same nature, but not matching. For example, is she’s wearing black, I’ll wear grey. If she’s wearing green, I’ll wear brown. If she’s wearing bright colors, I’ll wear neutral khakis/creams. Usually I try to be more neutral and understated than her, so she shines. You never want to outshine your girl in the fashion department. If the issue is your styles are different genres (she’s preppy and you’re an urban streetwear fiend, for example) that’s another issue all together, and a more interesting one from a psychological perspective.

Q: I’ve been having a problem with my deodorant turning my white undershirts yellow in the pits. At first I thought it was my sweat causing the issue, but it’s actually worse when I wear my deodorant… What is causing this? Am I using the wrong deodorant? 

A: Yellow stains from deodorant usually have to do with a chemical in the product. I used to have this problem, before I started using an all natural deodorant. I also read that rubbing anything with aluminum on your pits (usually found in “antiperspirants”) has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, so this should be avoided for larger issues than yellowness. I recommend trying an all natural product like this one to see if the issue subsides. You might sweat a little more, but at least you’re not ruining your shirts and blocking your pores with chemicals that might eventually kill you.

Have a style question, ask away. And thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Syke

    I totally agree. Deodorant vs Antiperspirant is the question. If you need an antiperspirant because you sweat buckets, then try Dan T.’s recommendation. If you’re like me, you don’t really sweat all that much and you need a deodorant, then you should try a salt crystal deodorant. I use Crystal Stick, which can be found here

    As Dan F. says, the salt prevents the bacteria from growing on the skin and feeding off of the sweat, which is the cause of our foul pit odors. The stick can be used anywhere too, such as the bottom of your feet. Word to the wise, you must have freshly washed your parts before you use it on your body. If not, it will not work as well and you will ruin the salt crystal as the bacteria will “grow” on the crystal making IT stink.

    You have to wet the crystal before you use it or else it won’t rub on. What I do is after I shower, I don’t dry the part of my body I’m going to use the crystal on, I then rub it on, and then rinse the crystal AFTER I’ve used it. Doing this cleans the crystal every time and prevents any odors from staining it. I’ve had my crystal for over a year now and it’s still working great! I even had my most stinky friend try it and he’s now a convert! You just HAVE TO be freshly cleaned before using it and you MUST rinse the rock after you use it. I highly recommend. :-)

  • James Wong

    I’m in Thailand right now and so I got a 45 min pedicure for £3. I’ve never had one before so it was certainly an interesting experience! The missus approves.

  • LouCaves

    Q1: Any man who says NOT to get a mani is missing out. Like Dan said dont get color or even a clear coat. Just ask them for a buff.

    Q2: I find it funny when my girl and I end up wearing same colors w/o previously consulting each other.

    Q3: Get a spray bottle for a dollar and mix water with vinegar or WoolLite. As a pre-treatment, spray the pits, neck band and inside of the cuffs, lightly brush the moistened area, wash in cold water. Or wear an undershirt.

  • Christian Birky

    For pit stains, heat is the enemy. In addition to Dan’s point about using natural deodorant, try washing with cold water. Air dry or use low heat. Helps prevent stains from setting and reduces energy use.

  • Stephen

    For the pit stains. Try Oxi Clean and White Vinegar. Soak for a few hours or overnight then toss in the wash. Its my go-to remedy (currently using this technique on several black & gray undershirts). Also I can guess you swipe too much. We don’t need as much as we think. Start reducing the swipes to 3. UP-DOWN-UP switch sides, repeat then step away from the antiperspirant. Good luck!

    • TWH_PDX

      Ah crap. I’ve been doing it all backwards. I go DOWN-UP-DOWN.

  • khordkutta

    Akward to be in a room full of women?!?!

    • TO

      This is exactly where any man should want to be :)

  • Raj

    Are you dispensing medical advice now too? I think you overstepped a little bit.

    • facelessghost

      Yeesh. He read something and then wrote about it. I’d hardly call that overstepping or “dispensing medical advice.”

    • tommyjohn_45

      Easy homeboy… This is a blog, where one states their perspective. As he stated, this is what he’s read. Just like the link above is what you’ve read.

      • raj

        Except the information I shared with you comes from an actual authority on cancer, whereas Dan is just repeating an idea that there’s no scientifically compelling evidence to support. There’s a huge difference, dummies.

        • Francisco

          Raj, maybe, Dan has found some updated info.
          That article you shared is from 2008! And the main research that it quotes was carried out in 2006, using only 58 women in the same hospital. That sounds like am insignificant sample for any definitive scientific research.

          But talking about deodorants, from a personal point of view, I decided to tried not using them at all since last summer. First couple of weeks I felt I was sweating extra. But maybe it was my imagination. Now I actually think I sweat the same I did before.

          Using natural fabrics also makes a huge difference in terms of odour. I completely stop using some undershirts from Uniqlo called “Airism”, which are fully synthetic.

          The only thing I’ve done is to spray myself after shower with a bit of cologne, every other day.

        • facelessghost

          For crying out loud, Raj. My comment has nothing to do with whether deodorant gives you cancer or not (and for the record, I don’t believe it does). My only point was that saying “I read X” is not dispensing medical advice. So chill out and quit calling people names.

        • Rajesh

          Raj you seem pretty butt hurt. Is it because Dan can actually dress well and people actually care about his opinion, unlike you?

    • Jeanscuffed

      Overstepping?? I wouldn’t mind if someone told me the deodarant I was using might help in developing cancer longterm….BUT if you don’t mind having cancer then by all means :)