ASK DAN: Dying Greys, Short Ties, Boxer Bunching

February 3rd, 2015


Dying Grey Hair

Q: Dan, I’m a relatively young guy (early thirties) but my dark brown/almost black hair is already starting to turn grey. I’m getting mixed reviews on whether I should dye it dark or leave it be. Thoughts?

A: I feel you here, I’m slowly starting to go grey as well. In my opinion going grey is like a badge of honor for a man. You earned those grey hairs, and it shows you have “experience”. There’s that cheesy saying: “Old enough to know what to do, but young enough to still do it”. I don’t like hair dye for men, I say embrace the salt and pepper look like a seasoned gentleman. Better to go grey than to go bald.

Ties for Short Guys

Q: Hey Dan. I’m a shorter guy (5’5″) and every time I tie a necktie, if the front side is the right length (hitting mid belt buckle, like you say) then the backside is noticeably longer. I know some brands offer extra short ties, but the selection is usually very limited. Any advice?

A: Ah, the old too-long tie. Most guys tuck the back side into their trousers, or stuff it between shirt buttons, but this is a sloppy solution. My advice is to have your ties shortened, from the back side. I have a friend who literally just cuts the back ends of his ties (because he’s really cheap), but a tailor should be able to clean finish the end for a few dollars.

Boxers Under Slim Trousers

Q: I just got some trousers tailored slim – slimmer than I’ve ever worn. I like the look, but I often have a problem with my boxer shorts “bunching” under the trousers. I sometimes have to pull them down (which can look off-putting) otherwise the “bunching” can be seen through the pants. Solutions?

A: Sounds like you need to invest in some sleeker undies my man. Those baggy boxer shorts are not a good match from slim trousers, since they have a lot of excess fabric and don’t stretch. I would recommend trying “boxer-briefs” with a little spandex blend. They should have trim legs that stay snug around the thighs. They may take a little getting used to, but you want have this problem anymore, and you’ll probably be generally more comfortable. Cheers mate.

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  • Taylor Huston

    I used to have the same problem with my boxer briefs bunching up as well. Tried a few different brands. Finally came across Adidas Climacool (I think that’s what they are called). They are all spandexy/workout orientated, but they don’t ride up and are super slim. I haven’t noticed the advertised ‘cooling’ effect of them, but they look nice.

  • jtrucks

    I’m in my early 40s and started going grey years ago. The last couple years it’s turned more salt-and-pepper than just a little grey. I don’t dye my hair, and I don’t think other men should do so just to hide the grey. It’s part of life. If you want some other color, go for it, but don’t hide a part of who you are. All the recent fashion advice on this site and others is about finding things to put on our bodies that compliment our natural size, shape, and coloring. Why would we do that with our clothing and accessories and then not do so on our hair?

    I should add that my recent, shorter hairstyle looks FAR less grey than my longer, messy-professor style I used for years.

  • Jeanscuffed

    You mentioned boxer briefs for the slim trouser solution. For me, even those bunch up so I have switched fully to briefs. They are sleek and feel great to me. I would just advise if you are going to go full on briefs then make sure you manscape. You don’t want any hairs peeking out to say hello lol.

    • Tom

      Couldn’t agree more about the boxer briefs bunching up. I even just recently tried “trunks” (cut with a much shorter inseam than boxer briefs) and the problem still occurs.

      I feel that briefs get a lot of hate for being “nerdy” and unattractive, but in my opinion they are the most comfortable, especially with slim tailored pants.

  • JBells

    been rocking the salt and pepper since early 20s.
    I was once asked if I dyed the tips of my hair.

  • Shawn

    Wish I’d go gray instead of bald/thinner ha!

    • tommyjohn_45

      Not only did Dan have to diss bald guys, but you had to call it out! That hurts… Been thinning since 24, just hoping it lasts in to my 30s lol


      • Alex Crawford

        Gotta get that hat game up! Or just own the baldness. A buddy of mine just started balding and decided to just give in and shave his head, full bald. He looks great!

        • tommyjohn_45

          Yeah, I know one day I’ll have to make that leap lol. Have 1-2 good years left I suspect. Definitely been trying to up my hat game as well.

  • cam

    for the short guy with tie issue…try a double four in hand knot. i’m 6’3″ but i have a very short torso and long legs so i go for the double four in hand knot most of the time…great looking knot imo