The People of Liberty Fairs, Part 2

January 23rd, 2015

There were some great looks at Day 1 of the Liberty Fairs menswear tradeshow in NYC.

Here are our favorite looks from Day 2.

1. Tony Gyepi-Garbrah

mensstyleliberty (47 of 93)

Tony Gyepi-Garbrah, the motorcycle riding menswear blogger behind Gentlemen’s Brim, came by in a broken-in Canadian tuxedo with equally beat-up tan brogues.

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2. Ian Anderson

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You may remember our friend Ian Anderson from our article “Engineering the Perfect Business Wardrobe“. The engineering student turned student of menswear is now a buyer and curator at

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3. Ashley Owens

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Everybody loves a pretty lady in classic menswear and few do it as well as Ashley Owens, the creative brains behind Grandpa Style and the force behind new editorial magazine Suited. 

mensstyle (1 of 1)

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4. Jonathan Evans

mensstyleliberty (17 of 153)

The fashion director at East Dane was in the building mixing some classic menswear with a subtle streetwear influence.

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5. Avi Raphael

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Shout out to a fellow Canadian in the game. Avi of Slavin Raphael, one of Toronto’s premiere retail agencies, puts his own spin on casual tailoring. We’re loving the lines of this fit, with the cutaway jacket, scoop tee, and trendy drop-crotch joggers.

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mensstyleliberty (64 of 153)

6. Mr. Casual Cool

mensstyleliberty (132 of 153)

With the excitement of the day’s events, we didn’t catch this gentleman’s name. If anyone knows him, please shout him out in the comments, because we love everything about his grey and brown look: the tough outerwear, the distressed grey jeans, the reverse layering, the suede ankle boots, the simple necklace… Well played, player.

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7. Jonathan Sigmon

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Mr. Sigmon is the operations manager over at Alan Flusser Custom. We spent some time with him yesterday at the showroom, during our profile shoot with Mr. Flusser, who is a walking encyclopedia of menswear history and a legend in the tailoring game. Naturally, Jon also knows a thing or two about classic sportswear.

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8. Mr. Hat

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A true headwear enthusiast, the man behind Hat About Town stopped by wearing, what else, a sharp looking felt Homburg. We were pleasantly surprised at how many old-school felt hats we saw at the show.

mensstyleliberty (16 of 93)

mensstyleliberty (9 of 93)

9. Matt Deckard

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Matt Deckard is a clothing historian, a product development specialist at classic American headwear brand Stetson, and a mean swing dancer, which explains the bi-swing “action back” on his custom made glenplaid suit jacket.

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10. Alex Crawford

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Our photographer Alex Crawford has been crushing it behind the lens all week, in more ways than one. He’s often better dressed than his subjects, but hasn’t been getting a lot of love on the site. We showed love to Wes’ style evolution, but let’s not forgot the Texas rancher turned city slickin’ Art Director’s smooth style.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

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  • Stuart

    Boys, these two editions of “The People of Liberty Fairs” have been on point. Recaptured the essence of AOS and reminded me why I check this site on a weekly basis. Hell of a great job.

    Also, the first look by Tony’s is killing it. Love the way he pulled off the double denim so casually.

  • Coinneach
  • Unseen Flirtations

    Sublime pattern mixing from Mr Anderson, nod of approval for all the ankle boots, and simply the best Canadian Tuxedo since Justin Timberlake took Britney to the AMAs in 2001.

  • Juan Zara

    Some top-notch hat game here, although Mr. Hat’s wide-brim homburg (which is something I always thought would never work) takes the crown!
    Anyway, this is miles ahead of part 1, so much more attention to fit and detail here! And some awesome pieces (the “action back” and the Prince of Wales fabric, not to mention the wide peaks, on Matt Deckard’s suit are nothing short of amazing!)
    Great to see Alex in front of the lens again, too! Definitely pulling off the sharkskin double-breasted, brother. Fits like a glove!

  • Shawn

    Mr. Squalor to Baller gets my vote, although I’m not sure what’s up with the two creases going down from his shirt collar (just beside the jacket lapels) on each side of the tie.

  • Rams

    Jitterbug on Matt, love the suit and the back treatment is classy in that Cary kinda way. Thanks again AOS for showing us it’s not always what you wear, but how wares can be worn.

  • Kolja Kassner

    Not that I would prefer his dressing style here, but still, Tony Gyepi-Garbrah nails it. What a beautiful man!
    But many other nice impressions too. Just Ian did do better before, I guess (sorry Ian, but the standard you usually set is quite a number…).

  • O

    The outfit of Tony Gyepi-Garbrah is awesome! Where is the denim jacket from?

  • Jeanscuffed

    My favorite hands down would have to be Tony Gyepi-Garbrah’s fit. I dig the proportions, ruggedness, and worn in character. I mean it just scream style instead of fashion. I think the 1st Day shoots were better as far as style goes but sometimes you just like reading the book because of the pictures. Dan if there’s a Day 3 shoot then by all means, PLEASE!!
    Ashley and Casual Cool come tie in 2nd. Sherpa is always going to be a badass boss move and the way Ashley looks sexy in a mysterious way.

  • TO

    I have a lot of admiration for Mr. Anderson, glad too see him back here on my favourite website. I have been thumbing over his site a lot lately and the more I read the more respect I have for his point of view on menswear. I started reading this site early on, and I was also turned on early to a site by a man named Lawrence Schlossman, and I would put his in the same class, albeit with Ian’s finding its own unique niche separate from the other two mentioned. And he seems like a genuinely cool dude so I wish the best for him!

  • Tony Gyepi-Garbrah

    Dan Trepanier, Alex Crawford and Articles of Style thank you for the post! Keep up the great work and looking forward to the future.
    – Tony Gyepi-Garbrah | 1/2 of Gentlemen’s Brim

  • Bryan S

    Definitely a bigger fan of the Day 2 looks. Always good to see Ian out and about, still killing it.

  • JBells

    I love seeing mr. from squalor to baller. His attention to proportions is what made his feature one of my favourites of all time

  • Masterwilliams

    Mr Casual Cool is me, Gary Williams Jr (@masterwilliams) Appreciate the post! Great meeting you all as well. Keep up the incredible work. Cheers!

    • Alex Crawford

      Hey Gary, sorry I lost your info! Thanks again for coming by and letting me shoot you.

    • AK

      Gary, where did you get that coat? It’s incredible.

  • Nafi

    Smooth pictures, good to see Alex again his styles always been an inspiration to me.

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